RPI model 4 hotspot


I would like to take my printer away from home, and I would like to do as on this page:

but it does not work with the "buster"

Do you have a tip?

thx J4l13n

I see lots of commands and scripts on that page and only thing you can say is "does not work"?

My tip... Be more specific, details on exactly what you did (i.e. step by step) and what were the responses (for each step). Where exactly did it "not work"?

thank you for your reply

I have scrupulously followed the tutorial on this page without an error message.
But I did not have the expected result in this tutorial, the raspberry pi 4 does not emit a hotspot visible to other devices

I am looking for a help to do this action on a raspberry pi 4

I have never tried it, but I have this link bookmarked from the Raspberry Pi foundation:

That guide you linked is from 2017, it's highly likely it doesn't work anymore.

I don't have an RPi 4 to test with but I was able to get my RPi 3B+ to work as an Access Point using the link @Charlie_Powell provided.


This might also be an option - didn't test it myself tho.

This does work, but you can't access the raspap control interface with a default install. I'm assuming it's using the same port 80 that haproxy is using. Not finding very much related to how to configure a custom port.

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I did not succeed
it does not seem possible ..
i buy a router ..

I have received my RPi 4B (4GB) which I purchased for another project. Once I am satisfied that it is working, I'll try the same experiment I did with the RPi 3B+.

thank you very much

How do I know when you take the test?

I'll reply here after I've finished the test. I only got the hardware working yesterday. It is currently connected to my network via WiFi. To do the hotspot experiment, it needs to be connected via Ethernet. I should get to it later this week.

that's really nice thank you

I was able to get my RPi 4B to work as an Access Point using the above link.

Since I was stupid enough to not make a backup of my SD card before I started, now I get to see if I can reverse the process because I don't want my RPi 4B tethered to a wire.

did you do it from a base octopi image or a vanilla raspbian image?

Vanilla Raspbian image. Same with the RPi 3B+ experiment.

My LulzBot TAZ 6 is connected to an RPi 3B running OctoPi 0.18 and OctoPrint 0.17.0 and I didn't want to mess with that so I used other RPi hardware that I had available.

I did not try the RaspAP link you provided.

Are you suggesting that starting with an OctoPi image, the link @Charlie_Powell provided might not work?

I guess we need @Jul13n to give us more details on his configuration (like filling out the deleted template?).

No, my apologies. I was referring to the raspap approach @PrintedWeezl linked, which by the way uses the same tools in the other link.

I was able to reverse the process so my RPi 4B is back on my local area network using WiFi.

I know it's been a while, but I've been able to make something that integrates an AP into OctoPi.

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