SD Init Fail - No SD inserted

Hello Everyone.
I'm been running Octoprint for a couple of months now, And since one o two days a SD Init Fail begin to appears on My Screen.

When I checked out I realized this happened just without SD Card inserted, when I have one card on the slots it's ok. So I unplugged the Octoprint to verify if the problem was in the printer, but When I unplugged the octoprint from the printer and restart it. No more error.

The only thing that I did recently updated de PSU Control Plugin. but I'm sure if that is responsible for my problem.

Please Your help

OctoPrint will (by default) ask the printer for the SD card details on connect. If the SD card is not there, then it will fail. You can disable SD support in OctoPrint (Settings > Features) and it will not ask for the SD card every time it connects, or leaving the SD card in will mean it won't fail.