Setting up OctoPrint on Windows



Yeah, just tested my dev box and don't see any issues with yawcam and stream. Assuming you have yawcam like this...


The only other thing I could think of is windows firewall settings blocking the connection.


I'm setting up a windows based system. What do you use to monitor remotely. Ideally with an iphone.


I used anaconda (conda) as virtual environment and it works fine too.
You need to

  1. Install the Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler for Python 2.7 (see above)
  2. create environment with python=2.7

conda create --name octo_py27 python=2.7
activate octo_py27

  1. Install octoprint in that environment

pip install

  1. Run it

`octoprint serve

  1. You can also create and run octostart.bat:

call <path_to_conda>\Anaconda3\Scripts\activate.bat <path_to_conda>\Anaconda3\envs\octo_py27
octoprint serve


I use yawcam, and I have mine setup virtually that way except I had something else using port 8081 so I changed it and my stream link looks like this:


I submitted and got a Raspberry Pi. But I'll try this, too. Thanks!


I have completed the installation procedure but got stuck on the last bit. When I execute octoprint serve my cmd keeps telling my 'We are not online'. I'm running my cmd as an administrator but still I get the same error.


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i have already tried to install Octoprint on Windows with the newest release of python 3.7.1rc1, but it didnt work.
i wanted to ask, if it in general possible? (maybe i have made some mistakes)

p.s Octoprint with python 2.7 works perfect!

thank u!


Hi Malinka!

So it should be.


first and For most AWESOME WORK! Octoprint is AMAZING!

I have been running it on a old windows laptop for a few months now, i cant believe how blazing fast it is compared on a my pi version.

So i am trying to setup a 2nd octoprint session on the same windows box. so i can run two or more printers at the same time, (theoretically this should be possible) as we can do it on a pi.

I created a new folder c:/octoprint2 and installed a second version of it.

The only issue i am running into is how would i go about changing the port number from 5000 to 5001

the only file that i see is netaddr but i am not seeing anything in it what would indicate a port address to modify.

any ideas would be helpful.





Thank you, for the info, but the key issue is i am running this via Windows running on python v2.

so doing it this way their is no ssh access to the session.
and the python folder dose not contain a config file for the octo print session, i assume its hiding somewhere and is accessible somehow.

the only thing i can find is the

this dose not contain the octoprint config settings.



C:\OctoPrint\venv\Scripts\octoprint.exe serve --port=xxxx

doesn't work ?


That works sorta
C:\Octoprint2\venv\Scripts> .\octoprint.exe serve --port=5002

i can now access the session via port 5002, however it is the same session as port 5000 it dose not different session at all.


what i did was re-install everything in a folder called octoprint 2.

any ideas?


It's probably worthwhile searching this forum (the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner) for "multiple". This topic has been discussed many times and you're missing the benefit of reading some of that commentary.


I got this message and that is strange:

OctoPrint>pip install //
Downloading // (5.3MB)
100% |████████████████████████████████| 5.4MB 788kB/s
OctoPrint requires Python '>=2.7.3,<3' but the running Python is 3.7.1

MUST I install the older version??
-; >= does mean Greater or Equal


You are fine with 2.7.15
And yes, you can have installed both versions parallel.


Is there a way to add access control on a Windows setup like on this page? I can find a plugin or how to turn on access control like the pi version does.


@ Foosel

i want to do a Big shout out to Chris Riley, who just posted a video walk threw on setting this up with multiple instances.

Could you please make him a Sticky!


I had the same issue but it was just because http;// was missing before the IP address.


Is the 0.16.0 Update available for Windows as well?
Just tried to update with your recommended update instructions:

  1. Stopped Octoprint
  2. C:\OctoPrint>venv\Scripts\activate.bat
  3. pip install --upgrade")
    It doesn't seem like it has installed the latest version. After starting Octoprint server again it shows version 1.3.10

I get the message "Cache entry deserialization failed, entry ignored" after calling "pip install..."