StereoPi and Octoprint

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What is the problem?
StereoPi is a Raspberry Pi stereoscopic camera system with two Pi Cameras connected and blended into one video stream. There is a USB connected mode that also has WiFi and wired Ethernet enabled. I have the StereoPi setup this way . Both the StereoPi and My Makergear M3-ID are connected to my network and I can connect to both of them with a browser.

What did you already try to solve it?
I can easily connect a Logitech webcam to the Raspberry Pi in my M3-ID and it works with the standard URL set up in Octoprint with no problems. I am having trouble determining what URLs to use in StereoPi and Octoprint so I can have the StereoPi stream its video to Octoprint. IOW, I am trying to make the StereoPi appears as a Logitech (or other) webcam to OctoPrint.

Logs (/var/log/webcamd.log, syslog, dmesg, ... no logs, no support)
None available.

I am using this article on the StereoPi website to setup StereoPi to be a USB device: As I said I have it working by viewing the video stream in a browser to connecting to its fixed IP address. I am looking for help on how to have Octoprint receive the video stream and display it.

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, ...)
Latest MakerGear version of Octoprint.

It all depends on the stream technology, but if it works going to the ip address in your browser you may find my WebcamIframe plugin useful.

Edit: I just went back and looked at that article and based on how that's setup this will only work with the device that the StereoPi is physically connected to. This means timelapses and/or snapshots might not work. If you connect it to the OctoPrint Pi you may be able to utilize the haproxy config to update or add a new backend server to that static USB IP address that it assigns, otherwise you'd only be able to view the video stream from the device the StereoPi is attached.

Thanks for the additional information! I was just about to attempt to get it to work as you originally said.

I am just going to use another tab in the browser that has OctoPrint running and view the StereoPi image(s) in another tab. It would be cool to have it right in Octoprint but this will work just as well.

Thanks for the information since I could have been banging around trying to get this to work when it never could have.

I couldn't help continuing to try to get the StereoPi stream showing on the WebCam tab. After trying many things I installed your WebcamIframe plugin and just have the StereoPi connected to my network and not the OctoPrint RPi which is also connected to my network. I enabled mpeg streaming in the StereoPi and used this URL in the webcam setup: http://stereopi.local/?action=stream and it works!

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So could you please:

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Thank you.

Done.... I looked for how to do that but couldn't find it. Thanks for pointing it out.

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