Strange behaviour during extrude

When I operate the extrude button the filament is extruding, but the X-axis is also homing
I would like to stop this behaviour and used google to get some tips.
But alas no solution found.
My version of Octoprint is 1.3.6 and I have a Stock firmware Anet A8 and AM8

Hope somebody have some tips for me.

best regards Pieter

This sounds like a wiring problem on your printer, to be honest.

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Both printer are build by different persons, and when I issue an extrude command on the printer itself it will only extrude.
The phenomenon only ocurs when I use the extrude command of Octoprint.
So in my opinion wiring problems are not likely.

What is this command and how do you issue it? Do you use a button somewhere or is it gcode which you issue in the Terminal? If it's a gcode command how does this compare with what you see in the Terminal tab having just extruded 1mm of filament?

It is issued through the #control -> Extrude button of Octoprint.
And I cant tel you the difference from the extrude command from the control panel.
Becaus I cant compare the two commands.

When you press the Control tab's Extrude button it will issue one of the following:

  1. G1 E100.0
  2. G1 E10.0
  3. G1 E1.0
  4. G1 E0.1

It all depends upon the current amount selection nearby. A retract ought to be just like it, only negative numbers instead of positive. That said, it probably doesn't take into account any existing extrusion audit information, it just extrudes or retracts.

For us to help you, we would need for you to confirm that this is what you're seeing in the Terminal tab after you press the Extrude button.

After the push on the extrude knop this is what I get.

Recv: T:23.47 /0 B:23.33 /0 B@:0 @:0
Recv: wait
Send: N9 G91*24
Recv: ok 9
Send: N10 G1 E1 F300*24
Recv: ok 10

If that is all that's being sent then OctoPrint is doing everything correctly here (G91 = relative mode, G1 E1 F300 = extruder 1mm filament at a feedrate of 300). There should probably also be another G90 (= absolute mode).

You'll need to take a look at your firmware why it decides to also home X on these commands. It certainly shouldn't.

That's over a year old.

:fire::fire::fire: Your firmware is unsafe and can cause your house to burn down:

Yes I'm aware of the thermal runaway issuse's.
Ik made the switch back from 1.3.7 to 1.3.6 because of the constant nagging about missing this feature.
For my AM8 I have a Arduino and Ramps ready to install, but because of the lack of time there was no opportunity to change the boards and firmware.
I'will not spent any time further on the Stock A8 + AM8 and switch as soon as possible to RAMPS and the latest Octoprint.

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