Support for Dreammaker Overlord (Pro)

Hi there,

I am new to OctoPrint/OctoPi

I wonder if the Dreammaker Overlord and Overlord Pro can be supported? (
I think back in the past these printers already worked with OctoPrint ( but somehow with the latest version of OctoPi I can't get it to work.
It simply does not connect to the printer via USB - regardless of what baudrate I try.
When trying to connect the printer briefly reboots but no connection is established.

I created a serial.log file where I tried all baudrates one after the other.
Maybe that can help get it working again and fix the problem?
serial.log (20.3 KB)

BTW: Printer has the latest firmware 2.3.5p

Thank you very much!
Best regards

It seems like 250000 is the right baudrate for your printer.
Your last connection in your serial.log almost worked.
Have you tried a different usb cable?

I agree with @PrintedWeezl, manually select 250000.

And also enable "Wait for start on connect" in Settings > Serial Connection > Firmware & Protocol > Protocol fine tuning