System throttled, no plugins/update

I have install today Octoprint, it works fine, but i need also octolapse, but now I get this error.

The system OctoPrint is running on is currently throttled. Due to that it's not possible to install new plugins in order to avoid possible issues caused by system instability.
I can't find any solution on the web, who can help me?
Hier is the log file.
octoprint.log (10.1 KB)

Here's the canonical thread:

TLDR: buy a better power supply. Don't print or even try to update until you do.

Thanks, but this cannot be the issue, I use een custom build 5v-5Amp supply, when I mesure there is no dip en also there runs nothing hot, why this error, I don't now.

The Raspberry Pi itself is seeing a dip. It's likely very transient. How are you supplying the power to the Pi? (USB, back-power through the pins, etc) What is the actual voltage you measure? Where are you measuring it?

You are right,
It was still a power supply problem (I'm ashamed), I have previously used the pi for another project and made a shield for it where the power supply is connected and can be switched software moderate on/off with a relay, but there is a diode between that gives 0.7 volt loss, now I have bridged the shield and it works. Thanks

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Cool. If you can tune your PS, set it to 5.15-5.2v at the board.

If I had a dollar for every time someone responds to under voltage reports with "this cannot be" I wouldn't need a patreon campaign to finance OctoPrint's development and maintenance :yum: #sarcasmButOnlyHalf