TAZ Octopie some questions

Hello. I bought a TAZ 6 and I installed Octopie in a Raspberry Pi 3B+. All is perfect and installed.I have some questions to understand a little more the Octopie:

1.-The Octopie is just for gcode or it can load stl models?
2.-Until now I don’t see a menu of printers to choose. With just select the button Octopie auto detectes my TAZ 6?
3.-I have different heads in my TAZ 6. MOAR, Aerostruder, micro, etc. In Windows’s CURA what I do is go to the settings and add the new head to use. In Octopie is possible do that? Or how do you tell Octopie what head you are using?
4.-Also in Windows’s CURA, I select the material (PLA, ABS, etc.), then with just saving the gcode in Windows and loading in Octopie is enough and the gcode will carry materials, quality, Brim, skirt, and everything that I configured in CURA?
5.-Exist a version of CURA in the Linux distro of Octopie, if yes, how you run CURA in the Octopie? Via remote in the browser also? Or?

Thank you, I hope someone can help to understand a little better the Octopie and know it’s capacities with my printer.

Hi @ray3d!
1: With the recent version on, the Cura engine is not included any more to OctoPrint, so only GCODE files are processed.
2: You just have to punch in the main parameters of your printer. It's quite easy. Also see: Known Printer Profiles for OctoPrint
3: OctoPrint just passes the GCODE data to the printer, so it's already inside the GCODE files from your slicer.
4: same as in 3
5: see point 1.

BTW: It's OctoPi (not Octopie) and the server that is doing the main stuff is called OctoPrint. What is the difference between OctoPrint and OctoPi? Are they the same thing?

Ok I thank you. I want to configure the oaranetrrs of my printer. And in add profiles new printer or edit the one there I just see this:


How can I enable to be able to configure all the parameters (X,Y,Z, etc..). I don’t see them.

Actually it should look like this with the tabs:

Do you have No Script running? You may have enable OctoPrint there.

Oh! I don’t see tabs. What could be the problem? Or how do you enable the tabs?

The tabs should be there without enabling.
What browser are you using?

I’m using Google Chrome

Chrome should work. Do you have another browser to hand?

Yes I will check in firefox. What I installed is the “ezpi” that is Octopi based.

I don't know what TH3D did to @foosel 's OctoPrint.
If all fails, maybe install the genuine OctoPi.

I could configure it was enabled the Touch UI. I disabled it and worked all functions. Then in gcode when you save it, it will export filament material type (PLA, etc.), head I’m using (MOAR, micro, etc.)? All is carried there ok?

OctoPrint passes all GCODE commands on to the printer. It should print as like from a SD card in the printer.

Ok my last question. Is there a way to record video from the camera? What is suggested here? I see the streaming so beautiful without any problem, but can be recorded?

Also suppose I send a print with Octopi and I close the browser and later I use a different computer to where the main print was sent, you continue looking the process where you left off or what is actually doing? Or you lost everything?

Sorry for my delay.
OctoPrint has a time lapse feature included. There is also plugin that is more sophisticated.

Oh wow. Amazing plugin. That is what I wanted! Is working perfect Octopi! Thank you so much

One thing. Where download the octolapse the stills and where to change that directory?

Thank you