Trouble connectiing to Octoprint

Tronxy X5s-400 running factory Marlin V1.7
Connected to a Raspberry PI 3b+
Running OctoPrint 1.3.12 running on OctoPi 0.15.1
Controlled by a computer with Win 7 pro on web interface of either Waterfox (normal) or Firefox.
The Printer/Raspberry Pi are on a UPS to ride out small blips.
The Pi is powered by a buck converter off the main 12V supply and provides 5.2 VDC to the PI through a micro usb plug with large wires (found out had low power months ago) but all fine since upgrading the cord.

About a week ago, printed a part and using the web interface (as I remember) shut down Octoprint. We then suffered a major power outage that lasted several hours, but “think” we were able to shut everything down properly. Apparently not as the next day, we could not get Octoprint to boot up properly. Doing some checking, it looked like the SD card had become corrupted. Based on surfing, we checked the voltages on the pi and had good 5V and 3.3V readings.
Could not get it to connect wifi so connected hardwire and still no luck. After about 3 hours of futzing around, all of a sudden we were able to find an IP on one of the routers (hardwire) using a backup SD card. More messing around and finally got the original SD card to bootup on both wifi and ethernet! Don’t ask what I did to make it work cause I sure as heck don’t know!
Anyhow, I can now boot up in Octo, but cannot connect to the printer as I have a new problem:

When I attempt to connect, I get the error message “!BED~1.GC~ “
What the heck does this mean. The printer has operated for over a year on OctoPrint with no problems and even since the fiasco of not being able to boot, I was able to print from the SD card on the printer which I have never done before.

Any help will be appreciated and attached is the latest octoprint.log. I have a previous serial.log, but for some reason, this card will not produce one for me! (Yes, I have attempted to make the changes to the “Serial Connection” settings to make the log file.

HELP Please. octoprint.log (409.8 KB)

A shot in the dark: remove the sd card from the printer and try again

Also this is worth a try

Thanks for the suggestion to remove the SD card from the printer. As long as I have had it, had not printed anything from the printer SD card or even had one in it.
Pulled it out and right away, the system connected as it always had. Never would have thought that just having a card in the machine with two gcode files on it would make a difference.

Again, thank you very much.


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If it makes the firmware hiccup to read from the card then yep, it can make a huge difference.