Trouble Logging into OctoPrint on Orange Pi Zero


So I bought an Orange Pi Zero 2 and went through some instructions to set up OctoPrint on it. A while back, I created some login information for the OctoPrint server, but it's been a while and I don't remember my login information. Can someone help me figure out how I can reset my login information?

For reference, I did already try running the following commands, but they gave me the corresponding errors:

Command: source ~/oprint/bin/activate
Error: -bash: /home/orangepi/oprint/bin/activate: No such file or directory

Command: octoprint user password <username>
Error: octoprint: command not found

Command: rm ~/.octoprint/users.yaml
Error: rm: cannot remove '/home/orangepi/.octoprint/users.yaml': No such file or directory

Hello @Jaheena1 !

You can't reset the OctoPrint credentials from the CLI.

You may have a look here:

Sorry, I forgot to mention I was SSHing into the Orange Pi and those were the error I got when I was doing it there. That's why I was asking the question.

There is this note:

For you are not on OctoPi, you may have to look where you can enable the virtual environment.