Unable to connect Creatorbot 3d Pro Series II to octoprint windows 10

What is the problem?

I'm not able to connect my Creatorbot 3d Pro Series II printer to octoprint on my windows 11 laptop that is running it using python.

What did you already try to solve it?


Have you tried running in safe mode?

Yes, No solution

Nope, I wish

Systeminfo Bundle

I don't know htf to find this!!


Additional information about your setup

I'm using octoprint on a windows laptop using Command prompt and python. Like I just want to connect my Creatobot reality 3d pro series II printer to my windows 11 laptop to use octoprint on windows. the PI that came with the machine fried itself so I can't necessarily use the PI.

Hello @Vortex_Gaming !

Blue words are links with further information how to find them.

Do you have Cura running besides OctoPrint?
You may turn it off. It catches the USB connection to the printer.

No I don't. and thanks.

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