Unable to install plugins - Python 2.7 error message

What is the problem?
I am trying to install plugins and am getting the following errors.
DEPRECATION: Python 2.7 reached the end of its life on January 1st, 2020. Please upgrade your Python as Python 2.7 is no longer maintained. pip 21.0 will drop support for Python 2.7 in January 2021. More details about Python 2 support in pip, can be found at https://pip.pypa.io/en/latest/development/release-process/#python-2-support
ERROR: Invalid requirement: 'pip install "https://github.com/frenchie4111/complicated-octoprint/archive/master.zip"'
Hint: It looks like a path. File 'pip install "https://github.com/frenchie4111/complicated-octoprint/archive/master.zip"' does not exist.

What did you already try to solve it?

I have logged into my pi using SSH and installed python 3.4. But I am running into the same issue. I am at a loss.

I am running a Robo R2 printer with Octoprint v1.4.0-rc6