Undervoltage notification

My problem is that Octoprint has an Undervoltage icon in the top bar. When go over it with my mouse I get the following message:

as you can see the undervoltage message is greyed out and it's reporting an overheating issue. I have used diferent power adaptors a 2,4 A en now I have a 4 A power adaptor. The cpu is at 44 till 50 degrees. So in my opion it's not an overheating issue.
Please advice..

I'm running octoprint on a raspberry pi 3 B+.

Hi @Jeroen_Kokhuis,

do you have some devices connected to the USB ports?

If the symbols are strobing then it's an active condition, otherwise it happened in the past. So it's not about just measuring it now.

The code is the code.

vcgencmd get_throttled
vcgencmd measure_temp

If the first one returns a number other than hex zero then the reality is that the notice was correct in alerting you to some condition. Try solving this as too-much heat by adding a tiny fan.

Update: I added an Issue to the plugin's repository.

Personally I'm a big metal fan.

But yeah. @Jeroen_Kokhuis, the undervoltage notice does not lie. It's not making it up. Your USB adapter may be rated at 4A but that doesn't mean it is pushing enough without a voltage drop. What are you using for a supply cable? How long is it?

Power supplies meant for the Pi typically have an integrated cable. That means they compensate for voltage to the microSD adapter, rather than to the USBA outlet. It's why I've been developing my own "3d printer pi" power supply for quite a while now; the next board iteration arrived in the mail today.

For the record, it's actually reporting an undervoltage issue. The custom theme you are using is making things more difficult to see, but just compare the icon in the bar with the icon in the help popup and it will be clear. Exclamation mark and bolt = undervoltage. Exclamation mark and thermometer = overheating. It's right there.

And as @tedder pointed out, no, this doesn't lie.

Thanks all. I've order an original raspberry pi adaptor and a fan. Hope this wil help.

I've received the adaptor and now the icon is gone. Thanks. The fan didn't arrive yet.


I'm having the same problem with a original Raspberry power adaptor, I start to see the under voltage icon after install a 70cm camera cable, anyone know what I can do to solve?

Remove the 70cm camera cable.

I know it is not the type of answer you were hoping for but you pose a bit of a "doctor, if I poke my finger in my eye, it hurts" type of issue; "don't poke your finger in your eye". These sort of cables are not meant to be this long. Being this long, the cables will introduce signal noise and require additional power. You could get yet a beefier power adapter, but the best thing is to stop poking your eye.


make sense lol

Old thread but I wanted to post my findings (and solution) here. Like many I encountered the under-voltage condition despite trying many power bricks and cables (some I know and measured are 3A capable and 5.1v) . The solutions was in the power up order. If I powered the printer (in this case a Prusa Mini) first and then the rpi 3b+ I got the error condition. If I powered the rpi, waited for boot and then the printer I never got the condition.

I probably should snip the +5v in the USB cable connected to printer to make this foolproof...

Oh, and one other thing I discovered. By default my rpi was kicking in a soft cpu temperature limit (reducing clock speed to 1.2Mhz) at 60 degree SoC temp. This is surprising low and different from earlier Pi's and the 4 which switch at 70 degrees. The chipset is designed to operate at 85 degrees and has undefeatable h/w logic to reduce cpu as this temp is reached. To prevent the premature performance reduction I added:


to the /boot/config. txt file. A rpi in small uncooled enclosure will hover around 58-65 degrees in my experience.

Hope this is helps