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Update now causes the printer to reset WHY?

Update my octoprint today with the latest version
now when it start I think when it needs to load the filement from the MMU the printer resets it self
was working fine before the updated HOW DO I FIX This or is there away to go back to before the update????

Cant seem to add so hopfully some can help sort this

You should fix your manners first. No need for upper case questions and four question marks.

Best thing is if you wait a few hours until @foosel gets up.
We had a few cases now where this happened and it would help to resolve the issue if you provide the logs you have been asked for.

I HAVE NO IDEAR WHAT YOU ARE TALKING about whtat is that to do with the issue!!!

IF YOU cant be helpfull that why reply

if you require logs then give me a glue what when when etc I DONT UNDERSTAND FORUMS THEY MAKE NO SENCE EMAIL IS SO MUCH EASIER

Try clicking the link on the word logs and follow instructions.


As @jneilliii said click on the blue link and again stop with all this upper case.

Do not use all caps on the internet because it is akin to shouting. 
All caps is considered shouting on the internet. Shouting is not polite. 
Therefore, it is bad netiquette to use all caps on the internet because shouting is not polite.
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We already have a topic on this:

Read and follow that. And ffs stop shouting.

Instructions in how to roll back can be found in every single release announcement or via the search, but sure, here is the link once again:

Yes, email is much easier and yet it is something that you might get from a corporation who staff paid employees whose job it is to make your life somewhat easier after the purchase.

Note that you didn't buy anything, nobody is getting paid to answer emails here, for example. So try to remember that you get much better free support when you're at least nice when asking.