Useful plugins not listed in the repository (yet)

Useful plugins out there that for some reason their author didn't yet choose to register with the official plugin repository:

  • Filetab: Moves the "Files" component from the sidebar to the tab area (needs some manual fumbling around since it's mostly provided as a proof of concept, README is included)

  • Illuminatrix: Grants Octoprint ability to control a printer lighting system, driven in response to print events.

  • MatterSlicer: Allows slicing uploaded STL files via MatterSlicer

  • netconnectd: Client for netconnectd that allows configuration of netconnectd through OctoPrint's settings dialog. It's only available for Linux right now.

  • OctoPrint-SidebarOrder: Allows reordering of the sidebar components.

  • Progress on Sense Hat: Show the progress of your print on the 8x8 LED matrix of a Sense Hat

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I’m literally just setting up Octaprint. Just waiting on a camera for my Pi as I want to move it into the basement. Is there a way to trigger a light on for each photo in the Timelapse? I have a wifi LED strip free that I could connect. I also have a Home Assistant OS running on a different Pi. I could set up an automation in home assistant so that the LED turned on for each photo even if there is no way to connect directly.

I'm not sure why you decided to add a reply to this five year old topic. You would get better exposure if you opened your very own topic.

LED lights draw very little power so I'm not sure it is worth the effort to turn them on and off for each timelapse photo. Turn them on when you start a print job and turn them off after.


Also a forum search gave these: