We need to talk about funding

Switched my support from Patreon to GitHub. Thanks for everything you do!

I have a side business selling some of my prints. It isn't much but it is honest work.

I'm all about cutting out overhead and extra costs, which gives me two questions:

Which way of funding you takes the least for themselves?

Is there a way I can "purchase" Octoprint so that I can claim it as a business expense? I'll pass the tax savings onto you!

Was said above the Github one doesn't take from the contribution (fee free) so is the best option project wise.

Which of these is the most efficent. Ie where you get the largest % of the sponsorship. I'd prefer more money to go to you than to an intermediary

i have used octoprint for the last five years, i'm not a professional but i did have quite some fun, from shyly setting up a pi3 for my recently acquired delta, all the way to my current setup of 3 (soon 4) instances running on docker on a refurbished chromebox.
I'm not in the habit of regular funding, but i decided to send a substantial one-time donation anyway, and if i decide to leave my career and go freelance on the 3d prints market i'll likely reconsider my stance on regular funding.

Thanks good to know does the Projekt is from only one Person.
Normal is so a huge and good Projekt from more People, and i didnt know does you Spend alone your komplete Time for this Programm.
I have spend for you at PayPal an hope you can do your great Job a long time.
At this Part, thanks again al lot for this gread Programm!!!

That's a nice initiative @DamianE - I bumped my Patreon membership to next tier as well :slight_smile:

GitHub :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Have you considered creating more commerce-centric features and charging a subscription for those? For instance, running large print farms. There is a defunct project called Octofarm which attempted to do this. Unsure why it stopped - perhaps no demand?

I see you said you have 150 000 active instances. If each user paid $1 per year - I presume this would be adequate for your needs?

Would be glad to donate, but prefer to use Bitcoin (lightning network) or if not that I would be glad to convert to Litecoin, or Monero.

I have looked but do not see a quick way to do it. Does it exist?

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Not quite the reason the primary developer went away. There's another project called FDM Monster that was a fork of OctoFarm and is still actively being worked on.

No, sorry. I cannot accept crypto currencies, it's an absolute nightmare with regards to accounting and taxes.

Also mentioned on the dedicated support page:

Please understand that I can not and will not accept crypto currencies.

Ah, I understand. And I will not belabor the point beyond this. There are services, similar to credit card merchant services that take the payment for you, instantly convert it to your native currency (Euros?). In this way people like me who prefer this payment method can pay you and you do not have to have anything to do with the "crypto". No extra accounting, exchanging, or taxes. They end up taking a little fee similar to a credit card transaction (but I think often smaller). If you ever choose to consider this... these three are leaders in the field:

  • CoinPayments
  • Coinbase Commerce
  • BTCPay Server

In the meantime I will see if I can move some value over to one of the services you use so I can donate in a way that you accept.

Good luck. I hope you are able to gain some good donations from this campaign.

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@cAPSLOCK Thank you, I'll keep that in mind.

Everyone, there's an update, and it's that you are all amazing :slight_smile:

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Just chipped in. :slight_smile:

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Just rolled a few coins your way on github! Thanks again Gina and Team Octoprint!

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As a software developer myself, why wouldn’t I support you? Such a well written, useful and solid product, I’m happy to support it/you.


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I’ve been given my on both Patreon and GitHub but just found out that GitHub stopped in February because they no longer take PayPal! So sorry and happy for this reminder, I have updated my payment method and upped the amount donating on GitHub!

Just mentioning here as others may get have also been affected by the change in February and not noticed as well!

Thanks for all you do for this community Gina!

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SO! Hear me out, What is your most often amount of a donation? Could we somehow front-end load that when downloading the program for the first time with THE OPTION to pay say $5.99 or $9.99 or $12.99 or whatever it is? Obviously give us this information you just gave us and allow them to decline but I feel more often than not everyone is going to enjoy the OPTION to pay and gladly throw coin your way. This is a great resource for all of us and I will gladly chip in myself. Thanks for everything you have done and continue to do.

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Donation sent.

Great software can't imagine using my 3D printer without it! Thank you.

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