Webpage Login reset

How do you access Octoprint from a web interface?

I believe its by using the ip address of the octopi or by using the hostname.

Now, how do you login? I have already forgotten the password. Could someone please let me know how to reset the webpage login.

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http://octopi.local , http://octopi or http://ipofoctopi

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(Just in case you need it too - the removed link)

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That would reset the password for the pi user to log in via ssh.

It seems @Hav.u.eva.printed wants to reset the password for the webpage login. Incidentally, that would involve logging in via ssh, and then following these steps:

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Yep was already correcting it ^^

My bad :smiley:

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I bet @Hav.u.eva.printed's next question will be how to reset his ssh password though, so that other link you posted may be of interest as well.