What's the trick for BigTreeTech filament sensor to work?

when i start the Test, Octoprint can detect if the filament is moving or not. so i know that the sensor is working. (3 wires from sensor plug into my rpi3)
i printed a gcode file on my Ender 3. After intentionally cutting the filament, the printer still print and not pause. i see the M600 and M601 gcode command does not work in Terminal tab. so i am using the M25 command and that works. but octoprint still cant pause the printer after filament runs out. please advise on how to proceed.

Type in M25 into OctoPrint's terminal.

If you get an ok, try this again during a print
If you get Unknown Command, M25 will not work.

But why don't you print from OctoPrint?

M25 works fine when I typed in terminal.
the problem is that Octoprint does not pause my Ender 3 when filament ran out. what should my settings be for the plugin?

Have you observed the terminal, that when the filament runs out, M25 is sent to the printer?

In this case the serial.log comes in quite handy. You may have to enable serial logging before you get serial log data.

Then this might be of interest to you:

im using Marlin, "host action command" not available.
are you sure i need it? the sensor is connected to my rpi, not my printer's Melzi board

i got the serial.log for you. M25 gcode was never sent :frowning:

Sorry, that detail slipped past me, in that case ignore what I said and carry on.

Have you checked for the correct

If you have other plugins that use the GPIO, they may change the Board Pin Mode

yes, when I did the test, the plugin shows that the filament is moving as seen here:

once i get back to the main screen though, the status is not updated accordingly. so the filament is moving but the main page shows filament is not moving.

either way, even if the filament is not moving, it should stop the print, but it does not pause the printing

finally got this sensor working with Octoprint via MQTT and HomeAssistant thanks to this video. hope it helps someone else too

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