Why the server offline issue is still around?

Hi, everyday I get server offline issue a few times while printing. The problem does not go away even using the latest version of Octoprint in Save mode. I searched for a solution but found many posts having the same issue every years. What is causing it? Why there is still no definite solution to nail this issue?

Do you have an ASUS router?

No, I don't.

When the message says 'server offline', it means the web browser cannot connect. This often happens when you put a laptop in sleep mode or whatever, since it cuts off internet access.

If you cannot reconnect by either pressing the button, or reloading the page, then you need to open a get help ticket providing full logs since that will explain why the server is being knocked offline.

Thank you. I connect it via a desktop computer.

About 95% of the time I cannot connect by either pressing the button or reloading the page. Is there a support email that I can send the logs to without posting to public forum?

OctoPrint is an Open Source project with one developer. This forum (or the public Discord) IS the support channel with many dedicated, helpful people who provide excellent, free support.

If you want private email support then get your wallet out and press the icon with the dollar sign in the upper right. A Four, Five, Six or more figure check might get you the support you desire.

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I think @newtooctoprint was concerned about providing personal information that may be in the log. I don't think there is anything in that log that would be divulging any information relative to you personally. But you can easily read through the file yourself in any text editor and replace anything you don't want to share with #########<removed>############ or something similar.

I also have similar problems to the OP (@newtooctoprint) but in my experience it seems to be the underlying OS on my RPi losing connection to my WiFi router so the problem is either in Raspian (or whatever it's called these days) or OctoPi, not OctoPrint. Maybe check their support forums to see if answers have been found. I'm probably going to run a network cable across my basement from my router to my RPi to see if that solves my issue.

FWIW, one big indicator the problem on my setup is with the OS and not OctoPrint is the last time this happened to me OctoDash (which is a separate process to OctoPrint) was telling me an update was available (must have pinged the server before losing WiFi), yet I couldn't download the update until after I rebooted my RPi.

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That's why I asked if the OP was using ASUS router. There's a setting in some of those that puts wifi into sleep mode and the pi can't reconnect for some reason. There's a post about it around here somewhere. There was also someone else that mentioned that in the wifi mega-thread.