Boot partition unavailable after flash

Hey guys, new here. Been trying to set up Octoprint for a few days with no luck. I'm running into a really strange issue that I think someone may be able to help me figure out. I'm running windows 10 on my laptop and installing to a Brand new 16gb kingston sdhc "canvas select" sd card.
What is the problem?
As soon as I write the iso image to my SD card, it disappears and becomes unaccessable completely. The SD card turns into "removable disk E" when it should, as far as I know, show up in windows as a small boot portion of octoprint that I can edit directly from windows. Windows won't let me touch it, it thinks I need to format it before I do anything.
What did you already try to solve it?
I've tried redownloading the iso image, I've tried using different disk imagers too. I've tried Rufus, Etcher, and win32diskimager, but none has let me access my boot file.
Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab, ...)
I'm using the latest version of Octoprint directly from the website, but I just can't get it to burn correctly. Anyone know how to fix this?

If you are using Etcher or something like that, it's fine. It should boot in your Pi. Windows likes to complain (see link below).

Have you tried putting it in the Pi?

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Well it seems to work in the pi, but I have no way of connecting it to my network or configuring the camera from the terminal. any suggestions?

See the megatopic; you can edit your /boot/* files after logging in to the terminal.

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All you need to configure is in the boot partition that is accessible from Windows. This is normal, because the other partition is an EXT4, and Windows can't handle it.

Windows will complain that the microSD needs to be "fixed" and offers to format it for you. If you click OK then all is lost.

Hi all, it seems like my best course of action was to just plug the sd card into the pi and configure my settings from within. This seemed to work great, I got the server running and everything, although I'm not too sure my raspberry pi 1 b was really up to the task of remote printing, as I had a couple of prints that would freeze randomly, so I'm just going to move to a pi 3 b+ and start over. Thanks for the help!

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My solution was to plug it in and the open hard disk partition in windows, then scroll to the usb and you will find the boot partition, you then assign a letter to the boot partition and from there you can open it in file explorer

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