Camera image red after upgrading OctoPrint image from Jessie to Buster Pi V2 cam

Pi 3
Pi V2 camera

I upgraded from Jessie to Buster version of OctoPrint. Now my camera image is red.

Have tried changing the -awb to -awb tungsten and fluorescent:and off in octopi.txt. None of which seem to make any difference.

Have tried a different ribbon cable.

Searched this forum all I could fine was this:


Neither provided a answer.

OctoPrint version : 1.4.0
OctoPi version : 0.17.0
Screenshot_2020-07-09 0% -

Any ideas much appreciated.

From everything I found when I was searching, buster comes with a new formula/method of auto white balance that at a software level, doesn't seem to play nice with the raspberry pi cam that I have. I never could get it to not constantly want to auto adjust. I finally just installed octolapse, not using it for timelapses, but just to manually correct the rgb values. When watching the camera stream it still seems to want to constantly auto adjust them, but with them set in octolapse it keeps resetting them to the value I have them set at.

Yes had a quick look at octolapse last night but was way to tiered to do anything constructive.
Shame none of the -awb switches seem to work. Also tried the
--awbgainB & --awbgainY but they didn't seem to do anything either.