Can't Update to 1.6.1

I went to update Octoprint to 1.6.1, and a few other plugins at the same time and failed this is the two files from the log.

Hello @PiperPilot2 !

Somehow you missed the logs.
Preferably, please share the systeminfo bundle. It's a zipped file, so it will fit to upload here.

(P.S.: Next time, please so not delete the template, just fill in the information.)

Okay, sorry. The logs come in text format when downloaded from "logging" section of settings on Octoprint

Please share a system info bundle:

And actually share it, not just talk about it :wink: So far we have gotten absolutely NO logs or bundle at all.

I have version 1.4.0, and doesn't give me that option, just option to download txt versions of each log.

Then do what the FAQ entry tells you to do in such cases please.

I have the Octoprint log, don't see a serial.log
I am running Optoprint 1.4.0, , running Windows 10, Octopi 3B+, printer is a Prusa MK3s, running firmware 3.9.1
I can't send any of this info to you. Only have text document, and when I load here, it is too many characters, and tried making doc. file , but won't accept it.

Zip it, upload it, that should work.

The forum supports uploading files here:

You can upload any of these files:

Don't try and paste the contents here, just upload the entire file. No need to make it difficult for yourself :slightly_smiling_face:

octoprint (3).log (83.2 KB)

Don't see a serial.log

Please also share plugin_softwareupdate_console.log