Connecting to computer screen, mouse, and keyboard

What is the problem?

It's a total newbie question: I am installing Octoprint on Raspberry pi 4 and just wondering if I need additional computer screen, keyboard, and mouse - or, when I connect Octoprint to my network, can I just use my existing computer screen, keyboard, and mouse?

I've seen different videos saying different things, such as you need to hook a computer screen up to the HDMI ports. I'm just trying to get everything set up in the easiest way possible. Thanks for any help.

What did you already try to solve it?


Have you tried running in safe mode?


Did running in safe mode solve the problem?


Systeminfo Bundle

You can download this in OctoPrint's System Information dialog ... no bundle, no support!)


Additional information about your setup

OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, browser, operating system, ... as much data as possible


You can setup a Pi 'headless', which means nothing attached to the ports (no screen, mouse or keyboard). You put your wifi config on the SD card, or plug the ethernet cable in to get it connected to your network.

Once everything is setup & connected, then the Pi is a server and you can load OctoPrint's UI in your browser. To access the system, you can use SSH to remote-access to the command line.

The only time you may want a screen attached is if the wifi connection is not working and it needs troubleshooting, since obviously you can't remote access if it's not connected.

Thanks for the reply. That's good news (seems easier).

Just to clarify, with your suggested method, will these be the only things plugged into the Raspberry:

  1. power cord
  2. ethernet cable going to router
  3. USB cord going to printer

Also, is there a suggested USP cord type, brand, etc. - I've heard of people having problems with cheaper cords.

Thanks for the help.

Correct, that's all you should need. As for the USB cable, we just suggest that the cable is thicker (usually means it is higher quality or better shielded) and like you say, not a cheap thin one that is likely to have interference etc.

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Awesome! Thanks again.

Echoing Charlie_Powells post and also get a USB cable that as short as possible. BTW you don't even need an ethernet cable if you have Wifi (newer Rasp models include WiFi).

In which Ethernet connection uses less effort and is more secure and stable than WiFi.
If there is a chance to connect a Ethernet cable, prefer it.

Is a 12 foot cord OK to use? Just concerned about it being too long.

12 Feet, that's about 4 meters - that is ok. I have some longer cables here.
Ethernet connection is quite solid in electrical terms.

No issue with ethernet cable length, I posted re. USB cable length, the shorter it is the less noise sensitive it will be..FWIW I've always used Wifi with Octoprint. About the only thing I wouldn't risk to Wifi, would be flashing printer firmware (based exclusively on personal prejudice).

12 foot ethernet cable is OK. 12 foot USB cable.... That is longer than most USB cables I've seen. My USB cable is about 15cm, if that. Be aware of issues.

Make sure that you cut the power (I would suggest the ground as well) lines of the USB cable between the Pi and the Ender. There have been reports of power feedback causing either the Pi or the Ender to blow.
FWIW, I added a 24v-5v Buck converter to power the Pi ( which eliminates another power cord and lets you turn on the Pi when the Ender turns on

That is not recommended. GND is used for the Rx/Tx lines as reference.
In all, the backpowering issue is not new:

I have removed both the ground and power on my installation. I was worried about ground differential. Data only requires the two data lines.

Then you have ground connection over another way.
Also you don't have proper shielding

More on this here: