Ender 3 V3 KE setup with Octoprint

What is the problem?

I can't setup Octoprint for my Ender 3 V3 KE. Anyone any ideas how it's done?

What did you already try to solve it?

Reinstalled the entire software without plugins.

Hello @Floris98 !

I bit more information on what you did is very much appreciated:

  • On what hardware did you install OctoPrint?
  • Did you use OctoPi, if not
  • Did you use a certain script/tool?

Hi Ewald!,

I installed it on my RPi 4. So yes, you're right I used OctoPi.
I didn't use a certain script/tool.

You should be able to retrieve the systeminfo bundle.

Could you please attach it to your next post?

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octoprint-systeminfo-20231122195226.zip (20.2 KB)

There you go! I hope you find something useful :blush:

There are attempts to establish a connection to the printer, but it got no information from the printer at all.

Are you sure the USB cable is able to transfer data between the Pi and printer?

I have the same. What USB port did you use?

Hello @Rob67ert !

Is this a request for help or a offer to help?

Obviously this is not solved yet.

To you and @Floris98 :pensive:
This is a Creality printer. Have a look on this:

Its a request for help. Will try to cover the 5V pin. I will let you know.

If I look at the Ender SE model they use the USB port on the side of the machine.
With the KE this USB port is not on the main board, but if you look at the image it should be there...
The only USB ports you have on the KE are those on the nebula pad. Tried all of them with different settings, but untill now no luck to get is connected with OctoPrint.

And here the image from the manual.

I'm having issues as well connecting octoprint to the v3 KE printer.
Using an RPI3B+ that I used before on my ender 3 pro.
I have put a cover on the power part of the USB cable, but nothing budges.

As stated by Rob67ert as well, the ports on the side of the main board are taped off and empty on the KE version, so only the USB A (2X) and USB C (1x) are available.

My understanding is that the KE is running Klipper firmware. If that is the case, Octoprint needs to be configured for Klipper.

This page may help Installation - Klipper documentation

(Though, i could not find an appropriate config file)

I am looking into purchasing this printer myself, but have been hesitating due to the limited info available.

I just bought this printer and with my original Ender 3 using OctoPrint, I'd like to get this one set up with it as well. It's suppose to be here within the week and then I'll dig in and see what I can find.

Has anyone managed to interface with it at all?

This for clarification on pre installed Klipper on 3D-Printers

To access Klipper from OctoPrint, Klipper has to provide the /tmp/printer virttual USB port. For this, OctoPrint must have access to this port. This is only possible, if OctoPrint is running on the same system as the Klipper installation.

Over at the Klipper forum we made the experience that pre installed Klipper differ slightly up to massive from genuine Klipper (see Sonic Pad).

Due to special hardware, it is also difficult to install genuine Klipper on those systems.

I dont have an answer but rather a question. What benefit will octoprint have on the KE? I just picked up a KE and i've been using the build in wifi connectivity and it seems decent enough. For comparison sake, I used octoprint on my CR10 for the last 5 years.

I would say you're probably quite well placed to answer that question for us :wink:

You already know what OctoPrint does from your CR10, and what the KE has built in. Some people may want what they use in OctoPrint such as specific plugins & integrations that they can't get with the built in stuff. It becomes preference.

Destinal has rooted the firmware, allowing you to run Fluidd, Mainsail and other options on the KE.


I have rooted mine, but I have not yet tried to use Octoprint on top of it. You can use other USB cameras and devices with the root.

Here is Destinal's instructions and tips:

Ah nice
Thx for letting us know

I'll mark your post as answer to the question for now so it's easier to find :slight_smile:

I am really new to 3D rpinting and also to octoprint.

Creality allowed "rooting" by default with the latest firmware.
So how could we connect to it with octoprint ? Which USB Port should we use ?
Or ist something missing on the OS ?

Do wen have to use the klipper plugin in octor print ?

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