How to remove warning?


I get a warning concerning the firmware of my Creality printer. I do appreciate the info, however, I do not appreciate not being able to verify that it's ok. I don't have any issues regarding this but I still need to scroll down now to be able to print from my list of projects.

Can someone please tell me how to get rid of it?

Why couldn't it just behave like the rest of the popup messages? So I could verify it as read.

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The only warnings that are not 'dissmissable' are ones that OctoPrint has verified are an issue. For example the Creality 2X temperature reporting issue is easily verifiable - if a broken line is received, the issue is present. Click the 'Learn more' issue and follow the instructions and the warning will disappear when the problem is fixed.

I have read the 'Learn more', however, I do not experience the issues mentioned with my setup. So the warning is just in the way. I do appreciate the heads up of problems but once read it should be up to me to decide wether I want to act on it or not, shouldn't it?

Please enable the serial.log, restart the connection to the printer (connect/disconnect) to reproduce the issue and then upload the systeminfo bundle here so we can take a look and see what the issue is.

Hi, Sorry for my delayed response, I ended up on a vacation of all things...

I think I figured out the systeminfo bundle thing so I am attaching it this post.


According to the Learn more link ( OctoPrint shows my printer's SD card as uninitialized on my Creality printer - Get Help / FAQ - OctoPrint Community Forum), this problem was recognized 13 aug 2021. But the red attention info box appear just a few weeks ago. And I have no issues at all (Oh crap. That probably jinxed it for me).

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Looks like serial logging wasn't enabled. Will need that.

Hi kantlivelong,

Hope this one's complete.
Thanks for looking. =)

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This is the problem line in the communication:

Recv: echo:TF card ok

I think this article would be the one that is linked?

In order for your printer & it's SD card to work correctly with OctoPrint you can install the plugin mentioned.

Since it is Creality firmware anyway, we see a ton of issues with their stock firmware, it's generally recommended to build your own or use some other source.

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I think you sent this wrong, it should probably gone to a developer or someone.

No... I'm just confirming that the article linked is correct, and your printer does have a communication issue as it is reporting the SD status incorrectly.

Ah, I just didn't understood what you wanted me to do. Sorry 'bout that.

Well, Now that you mention SD status I remember, all this started because I tried to print from an SD card. Which is the first time in ages. Now that I removed the SD card, the error disappeared. Thank. =)

Since I never ever print from SD-card (specially not via OctoPrint) This is not an issue for me. Only reason it was in there now was cause I tested things with my Palette. And even with that one I don't use SD card. I just forgot it was there.

Big thanks for your patience. =)

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