If I upgrade to 1.4.0 from 1.3.12 can I go back if it does not work out

I'm new to this forum with a simple question, can I go back to what I had from v1.4.0 if there is something that doesn't work right or that I don't like with the new firmware? I'm basically happy with V1.3.12 and its stable.

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Short answer yes, and you may very well have to as at least for me it broke one key plugin, TouchUI, due to the enforcement of using python 3 (at least I think that's what it was). I just downgraded back to 1.3.12 and am a happy camper again.

I've installed 1.4.0 and so far so good, checked the logs and did not see any problems I'm optimistic at this point.

1.4.0 doesn't enforce python 3, it supports it. I have no idea where this thought that it requires it comes from, I literally wrote that it supports both everywhere.

The issue with touchui is related to some helper script used to run some bootloader, completely unrelated to OctoPrint, that no longer seems to start correctly. I have no idea why, as I said it's not even part of the actual plugin. There's apparently a workaround but that's all I know about it at present:

Solution is here: