Issue with Enclosure plugin

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

I am new on this forum and pretty new Octoprint user (used it for a few days now).

I am having a kind of problem with Enclosure plugin -it won't show correctly in my Octoprint menu (as in the screenshot shows), only blank bar :man_facepalming:
I have rebooted Octoprint and raspi for a few times now -no change...

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Hello @sir_tumppi!

If there is not enough place in the tab bar, additional tabs appear in a fold up menu.
You could widen your OctoPrint area (Pimp my web interface) or change the tab text with icons with OctoPrint-TabOrder

You should take care of your power supply - you have got reported an undervoltage issue.

Hello Ewald_Ikemann

Thank you for quick reply but i think you're missing the issue i have (or my explanation wasn't clear enough).
When i click that 'Enclosure Plugin' text, no plugin texts are in sight, nothing
like this:

ps. That undervoltage is temporary state when octoprint starts, if printer's own power is off (it takes 5V thru USB from Rpi then)

I see. Have you tried to remove/reinstall that plugin?

For the 5V issue I would recommend this:

Head to the settings page, and then enable some of the features there, and they should start to show up in the tab. Not everything that it does needs the tab, and when a feature is not enabled it is cleared away.


Hi Charlie

Can you be more specific, settings page -where, octoprint plugins or Enclosure's own settings?

Ok, now i've got it working -thank you :smiley:

It was almost at on bottom of Octoprint's settings list :smirk:

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