Local printer display / UI while using OctoPrint

First off - I am new to Raspberry and OctoPrint... but within 2-3h all is working fine, including OctoDash on a touch screen connected to the Pi !

While processing a print job from OctoPrint, my local Ender 3 V2 display (user interface) remains unchanged. It does not show that a print is running, not does it get 'locked' or anything.

Is there not a danger of interfering with an ongoing print ?
Is this just the way it is when piggy backing via USB onto the printer controller ?

I am mainly curious if I missed something. I would be nice if the printer actually showed print mode, progress bar, or at least a 'remote controlled' local warning.

As mentioned above, I have OctoDash anyway beside the printer, still in case I missed or messed-up something it would nice to know for sure.

Thx !

Raspberry Pi 4B, latest OctoPrint install, OctoDash. Running an Ender 3 V2 with presumably latest firmware... but would have to be verified.

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Hello, and welcome in the fantastic world of Octoprinting :smiley:

Rookie here. I had the same surprise than you, but shortly discovered that what is usually printed on your screen when you print via SD Card is done by the mainboard (the subprogram that reads the .gcode file). Octoprint just send GCODES but prints nothing on the LCD.

Until ... until you ask Octoprint to do so. Also called « Plugins, plugins everywhere ! » :slight_smile:
I'm using that one one the Ender 3 : Detailed Progress
I found that the GCODE M73 doesn't work on my Ender 3 Pro (with mainboard 4.2.2). But the rest goes well.

There are a lot of other plugins : Search
("display" and "progress" are probably the best keywords for your search)

Cheers !

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Cool !

Will do and try so :).

As I said the rest works prefect, including 5" touch screen on OcotoPi with OctoDash.
So in many ways its overkill, but i think way more professional if the local printer display
would play along.

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after a bit of digging I am starting to understand the issues.

The OctoPrint plugins for printer dialogs do not work with the
Ender 3 V2 firmware / configuration.

The Ender 3 V2 has two components, the main 32bit board, running
a old version of Marlin, plus a independent display board with own
firmware that contains the display 'content'.

Just updating the mainboard, might bring the M117 commands into the
system, but the display controller does not necessarily have the resources
to deal with anything other then what Creality has intended, since the new
Ender 3 V2 display is a full color GUI display, not a char LCD display like
prior versions.

I am compiling a new Ender 3 firmware now to give it a test.... but given that
I can't compile for the display on my own, I have doubts that it will work.

I don't own any Creality printers but from my time in these (and other) forums, I have formed an opinion about their firmware (and it's not favorable).

OctoPrint talks to the printer through the firmware, and the language it uses is gcode, more specifically Marlin (or compatible) gcode. The firmware in the printer is responsible for interfacing with any graphical displays, controls, and any storage media. Marlin has defined multiple gcode commands that are intended to interact with a printer attached graphical display, for example M117 and M73.

If the Creality firmware on the Ender 3 V2 does not take the parameters from these commands and display them on the printer attached screen, there is nothing that can be done except replace the firmware with a version that does.


You are 100% right. While I like the new änder 3 v2, for many reasons, the dual approach of display vs controller is at best difficult.

Also when you see that the firmware is based on a very old version of marlin, despite being the lastest printer version, then that makes me wonder.

It's not rocket science to build this things, at same price point properly, or safely.

Both M command I tested manually via terminal and can't get anything trough, which is sad. It's not that printing directly from slicer via USB or via OctoPrint is new or rare... more like standard by today.

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Hi @SaKiE,

That's why I did not go for the v2, to be honest the "v1" seems to be more roots. That fancy screen did not inspire me much confidence (also about open sourcing the complete code, with firmware). I'm sorry I've overlooked you were running the v2 in my first answer.

Just to be 100% sure : by "just updating the main board", you mean that you tried using the most recent stock firmware, avalaible at Creality ?


Yes indeed I am V2, which is a really pleasant machine in terms of how quiet it is with the 32bit board and drivers, the new screen is very nice to work with too, much better then my older CR10.

Yet they sort of seemed to have jumbled things in a not so sensical way.

I did update only the controller firmware, with non Creality firmware and it works so far. As long as the controller has the latest firmware too there seem to be no problems in printing, but still the M117 codes etc do not work since the controller behaves, but the display remains ignorant for the moment.

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I first thought to update the firmware to add a runout sensor and to have better Marlin 2 thermal protections. Until I realized that it is more effective to have this controlled and via the OctoPi, since the GCode is only sent to the Ender control board, so a runout pause would do little.

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