Losing Wifi when turning printer off?


Every time I turn of the printer octorpint (raspberry pi 3 a+) will lose connection to my wifi? I have to repower the PI every time. I have nothing changed all of sudden it is happening. My power supply is 3A and I¨m runnning latest octoprint, Not sure where to start with this problem.

Kind Regards Dennis

Hi @babmingren

First would be to provide the logs and the other informations you have been asked for in the template you deleted...

Try this :slight_smile:

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What is likely happening is that when you power off the printer, the controller and display in your printer then switches to being powered by the USB port. This seems to cause a voltage drop in your Raspberry Pi, so things like drops in Wifi happen.

Taping over the 5V pin on the USB connector as @PrintedWeezl suggests makes sure that the raspberry pi does not supply 5V to the printer.


Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:
I am not very communicative today - sry :slight_smile:

Gosh sorry thought that was some guide lines, :slight_smile: There is no error just no wifi. I will try that. thx