My extruder likes a particular location ;)

Hi all

I have a weird issue with my last prints. After some uneventful hours of happy printing, suddenly the extruder is “stuck” at a particular x-location and will continue to extrude the material at that location only. The result is a “bridge” across opposite walls of my model - see the pictures for more clarity.

Funny enough, this happens with two models that are topologically similar and are created using the same SW workflow (Onshape —> Ultimate 4.7.1 —> Octoprint). I have attached a pic with the older part put next to the latest failed print. It seems they do not appear at the same height. Additionally, in the last build the extruder seems to be fixated with a single part, not both.

The issue is not there when I preview the extruder path in Ultimaker.

What did you already try to solve it?

Two different jobs showed the issue, no hints in the log file nor in the output of dmesg.

Running the latest Octoprint on OctoPi, Raspberry 3, Python 3 upgrade done between the two failed prints. Ended 3 Pro with silent board v1.5, in operation since months w/o a glitch.

Next steps will be

  1. Run in safe mode
  2. Enable serial log
  3. Run w/o octoprint (i.e. running the gcode directly from the machine, like the - not so good - old time :upside_down_face:)

But before doing that I would like to hear if anybody has some hints, I do not like to waste filament :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Thanks in advance to help a newbie like me!

“Standard log file” octoprint.log (28.4 KB)

Unfortunately this is a known problem of the Creality silent board

afaik there is no real fix - some users reported they got rid of it when they changed to another firmware

the newer 32 bit Creality mainboards got a bug where they don't work as intended via usb without an sd card inserted. You could try it with an inserted sd card - maybe it helps

Hi @PrintedWeezl

Thanks a lot to your hint! I did not know how to search for my problem, now I know I am not alone :grinning:

I wanted to install the marlin SW anyway, I will try it and report here if there is a change.


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After installing the latest Marlin firmware (2.0.x) + bootloader the problem did not show up with the very same print job (after 12h successfully completed). While I am aware this is not a real solution, I would like to give some hope to the other users of the silent board 1.1.5 :grinning:

Btw, Creality now offers a 32bit board for the Ender 3 V1 at a very good price, perhaps that is not affected by the issue I described above (or by another one perhaps :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: .


Oh yes. Creality firmware. They took Marlin, added some bugs and shipped it with their printers. And to add to this, they wired the SD card detect pin, to the 'create random bugs' section of the code.

You just have to take a look at the list:

It is absolutely a real solution, we tell people all the time to update the firmware because Creality's FW is not up to it.

That is a very diplomatic way to phrase this.