OctoPrint is down, lost connection

I am using OctoPrint with Orange Pi Zero. It loses connection during printing and I can't resume it back. Here is the logs, I coudn't get anything. I am using ethernet cable for connection.

serial.log (4.7 KB) octoprint.log (6.3 KB)

Upload the serial.log please :slight_smile:


serial.log is currently not enabled, you can enable it via Settings > Serial Connection > Log communication to serial.log

I activated now.

I updated my logs properly.

unfortunately I see no reason for the disconnect.

  • Is your power supply sufficient?
  • try an other usb cable.
  • Are there any electrical devices nearby that could cause emi?
    • Did you turn anything on or off when it happened? (even a light)

I've got over 5 computers on work, over 5 pi, dremel and solder station, 4-5 switches and 2 access point, ups and lab type power supply :sweat_smile: They are all working, sleeping, rebooting consistently...
I've cut printer's USB's shield and power cables (for avoiding printer to power up orange pi) and on a USB dongle, there is USB Cam working with Octo. I am powering Orange Zero with 5V 2.4A USB power supply.

You should rather try this

If a better cable doesn't help the only thing I can advice you to is to switch to a stock Marlin with a matching example config.
My Ender 3 Pro disconnected everytime I turned off the fluorescent tube on the ceiling but as soon as I switched to a stock Marlin the problems were gone :man_shrugging: