Octoprint not connecting to WLAN

I am using Octoprint on Rapsberryx Pi 3B+ (latest versions).
I now replaced the USB cam to Logitech c930e. When restarting, the Pi isn't connecting to my network. When I turn off and on power and I unplugged the Cam in between, everything is fine. Next time, when cam is connected agian, the Pi isn't managing network agian.
Any idea?

I'd troubleshoot this as undervoltage. Verify that your Pi's power adapter is 5V @ 2.5A and not a "charger".

It is a powersupply for Raspberry: 5V/3,1A
BTW: I just connected the Raspberry wia network-calbe. Then I have no issues.
What can be the reason to have trouble via WLAN?

Does this also happen if nothing but the webcam is connected?

Your printer could draw too much current from your pis USB.
If that's the case try this

Yeah, Raspbian when it's underpowered can choose to remove power from devices like wifi, for example. If you know your power adapter is good and the power from the wall is what it's supposed to be, then move on to the theory that your printer is sinking 5V power from your Pi (causing the undervoltage condition).

But then again, in the specifications for your webcam I see this:

  • Rightlight™ 2 Technology for clarity in various lighting environments, even low light
  • Optional Camera Settings application for control of pan, tilt, and zoom

Analysis: It's got LEDs (hungry for power) and motors (hard to say what they're draining from the Pi). If you have an option to power the webcam with its own adapter, you might try that.

I did the testing without a connected printer all the time and nothing else was connected. So this cannot be the problem. I was able to see, that the Pi was getting a completely strange IP in my Ubiquiti access points, when having the camera connected at USB-port.
What I did now: I configured Pi network-settings via PuTTY and set the IP address fix and put in the WiFi settings here as well (of course I did it in the octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt already when setting up the Pi): https://technikmensch.de/octoprint-feste-ip-eigener-hostname/
At least for now it seems to work.

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