Octoprint with older Ender 3 Pro

Does anyone else get this message when connecting

to your older Ender 3 Pro? Octoprint is working fine is seems, have had a few connection errors but usually restarting printer and pi solves it. Only had it up and running for past 3 days.

Sorry, but this is not a networking issue.

Have you clicked the Learn More link?

I have, it takes me to a link about known SD card issues with certain firmware version. Nothing really about how to solve it? Didn't know if it was worth trying to update my ender 3 Pro firmware or it this pops up on others using octoprint with a Raspberry PI 3b+ and the ender 3 Pro.

If it is taking you to the below post, it contains instructions on a plugin you can install to 'translate' the broken firmware responses into what they should be.

The warning only pops up after OctoPrint detects an issue trying to communicate with your printer, so it definitely has a problem and looking through some of the forums shows has been an issue for years with Ender printers, there's a lot of replies to one of the topics mentioned in the post above.

And also look up the "tape +5v pin". That also can cause communications and other errors

If you have an Ender3, or Pro, you should really really consider re-flashing the firmware, check the firmware version, some early versions are missing Thermal Runaway protection. This isn't a problem with Octoprint, but with firmware on the board.

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