Pi setup serial exceptions still

I really would like to run octoprint on pi.

I have installed it on pi, and it runs, but randomly stops due to serial exceptions.

I have tried many thing to remedy, but it still gives error and stops printing.

New pi power cord. 5v 3amp.
New mini usb cable w/ferrite bead.
64gig micro chip. Sandisk SD HC. (Worked great in drone recording 1080p)
Printer & pi both running on Tripp Lite UPS. (Dont know how long it would run, but it's been tested by unplugging ups)

I've booted into safe mode to eliminate possible plugin conflicts. Still gives exception.

I have a 25mm fan blowing on the cpu and a pi cam v1.2 connected, so my next steps are to remove those and test.

I have octoprint running on linux box at the moment. Running fabulously. Going on a week now. But filament runout is a feature I would like to add, and it seems like, to me the new guy, a better option to use gpio, rather than controller pins.

Any suggestions on what else I can do to figure this out would be greatly appreciated.


You gave us quite a lot of information about what you have and what you did: :+1:
In this case, the logs (<-click me) are very handy, in particular the serial.log (<- click me).


Pi isn't powered up right now, and I'm 60mi away from it. Lol I'll send them tonight.

I'm putting in a SKR mini e3 tonight. I've read a couple of posts here that said it solved their problems. Hopefully it does mine as well.

Thank you for you time. I'll reply later with logs.

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I apologize for the delay, I got home to the SKR board and was excited to install.

I have attached the last two of each logs. Octoprint & Serial

But, I may have found some smoking guns. When I was disconnecting the wires to change out the board, I found four of the power connections to the board loose. Seemed to be barely tight. One of them, I dont even remember loosening at all. I think it may have been just sitting in the green connector thing.

Anyway, Im replacing the stock board now.

Thank you for your time
Octoprint logs.zip (5.9 KB)

Sounds good!
If the issue still persists then, you maybe should activate the serial logging:
2019-10-20 04:45:14,399 - serial.log is currently not enabled, you can enable it via Settings > Serial Connection > Log communication to serial.log

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Printing all day. Not the same print, but all day. No issues. The loose power connections on the Creality board may have been the problem. Time Will Tell.....

Printed a full week with zero issues. I would say it surely the loose connections on stock creality board.

At this time I have put stock creality board back in, went back to non ferrite USB cable. I started to put stock pi power back in the mix, but if I did that, I wouldn't know which was culprit, usb or power supply.

Going on 2nd day of printing with this setup. I'll give it a couple more days, then I'm calling this mystery solved absolutely.

EDIT: Solved. It had bad power connections on creality motherboard