Plugin updates can't be installed

Hello everyone,

my Octoprint does not let me install the plugin updates. It asks if already another update is running.
I restarted OctoPrint I restarted the whole system, but still the message appears, after I try to launch the updates.
It is connected to the internet, it wasn't until yesterday.
I uploaded the log since I don't know what to look at. I hope I created the topic in the correct location, please correct me if I am wrong here.
Could it be that the raspberry doesn't get enough power?

I don't know, I hope you can help me here.

Could you provide the log files here as well as a screenshot of the problem.

Sorry, I thought had uploaded the log file already. Here it is
octoprint.log (72.0 KB)

Unfortunately I don't have access right now to the Octoprinter, but the massage I was talking about appears on the right side in a red window/field.

!!! UNDERVOLTAGE REPORTED !!! Make sure that the power supply and power cable are capable of supplying enough voltage and current to your Pi.

Before this isn't fixed, it doesn't make sense to analyse this further. Undervoltage is known to cause all kinds of problems.

Actually, undervoltage is the reason OctoPrint is refusing to let you update stuff, as in the past that has led to update corruption. Sounds like there's a bug though if it's not telling you THAT as the reason but rather talking about concurrent updates being in progress.

thank you very much! I will check the power supply then.