Print stuck in "finishing" state and does never finish

Hi all,

I have a small issue with my octoprint, which I would like to get an fix for. I'm running three instances of Octoprint. One for Ender3 Pro, one for a CR6-SE and one for a Anycubic Chiron. All works fine and prints fine. But the on the CR6-SE the printer ends at the end of the print job, but octoprint stuck on "finishing" and never ends. I have to power off and power on the printer to get back in a good state or to cut the connection and reconnect.

This is only for the CR6. Any Idea, how to fix that? (84.6 KB) (30.6 KB)

I'm running on Octoprint 1.7.2 at the moment

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried safe mode?

BTW: You have an overheating issue.

No I didn't try safe mode yet. I will do that at a next print.

What do you mean with overheating? There is no message or warning and the print also looks fine...

No warning sign in the navbar at the top?

It is your logs:

|      model: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Rev 1.3
|      octopi_version: 0.16.0
|      throttle_state: '0x80008'

Oh, you're talking about the Pi itself? No I don't get a message. But I'm not sure if that plugin is installed/active. I will check that. I'm running 3 octoprint instances and a cups print server as well as a zigbee2mqtt bridge on that pi. So I could imagine, that it could get hot sometimes. Maybe I should think about a better cooling solution

EDIT: The plugin is already installed. But no error message seen yet...
EDIT2: Just ordered a case with active cooling. Seems to be too much for the Pi. Thanks for that hint!

ok, seems to work in safe mode! So I assume, that a plugin is responsible for that? Any idea how to go on now? How can I find the bad one?

The only reliable method is to disable all 3rd party plugins and then enable them one by one.

A suspect could be Octolapse

But you may remove OctoPrint-AutomaticShutdown because it is not compatible.

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Finally I found the issue. It was a layer8 ...

The issues plugin was "GCODE System Commands" and I called a shell script with that, which never returned...

Thanks for all your help! I'm happy :slight_smile:


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