Raspberry Pi 4B Won't boot up with Octoprint Ver 0.17.0

I just received my raspberry pi 4B. I created a boot MicroSD by using etcher and downloading OctoPi 0.17.0. During the boot process, I get the message startup3x.elf is not compatible 0x0. This board requires newer software. What do I do to fix this? Thanks

Is it an 8gb pi 4?

Yes. It is an 8gb.

The 8gb Pi 4 isn't officially supported at the moment.
You can test my beta image if you want

I'll try it now. Thanks!

That booted up great! Since I not following the standard install. How would I install Octoprint?

It already got octoprint preinstalled. It's the made the same way as the official images are made just based on the 64 bit raspbian beta image.

Based on the comments everything except the pi camera should work.

I think I must be doing something wrong. I tried to use a browser to connect and octoprint doesn't appear to be running. I used ps to look for octoprint and do not see it. I also looked for the log directory and can't find that directory either. What do you suggest?

Just to be sure - you donwloaded the OctoPI64-0.18.0-beta.zip from dropbox, right?

Of course not, duh. I saw the download here and went for it. It was a standard install.... Starting over.... Thanks again!

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That did it! Thanks so much. Any ideas on when the camera will work?

No idea sry.
I will test it soon again. Maybe the raspberry people released something new in the meantime.

No problem. I really appreciate your help!!!

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Who built that?



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It's still the same image form that post

Hi, I've been reading this thread and found the answer to my problem. I have Pi 4 with 8 gig. I flashed the SD card with the BETA 0.18. When I boot it up it goes to a Linux command prompt. Is this correct? AND it still doesn't connect to the network. Any help would be great

Yeah the command prompt part is correct.
You get the gui via your webrowser (well as soon as the network works).
I assume you're trying to connect the pi to a wifi network?
Did you edit the octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt?
If yes which editor did you use to edit it?

I used balena etcher to image it and notepad++ to edit it.

Did you also edit it with notepad++ the first time you edited it?
We had cases where something like wordpad messed something up and the user thought editing it again with notpad++ would fix it - which it didn't.
In that case I would suggest to flash the image again.