RPi4 reboot with powered USB hub

My RPi4 4GB do not boot after "sudo reboot now" until I remove power cables from Pi and powered USB hub.

When I do not use the powered HUB (and all stuff connected to it) everything works well.
I tried two different powered USB hubs and the situation is the same. I am usinig 5 octopi instances and 5 webcams (single RPi4 can handle it despite RPi3B+) but wnen I want to reboot I have to go to basement to unplug cables and plug it back again. It is really anoying :slight_smile: when I try to debug all the stuff. There is nothing in logs. USB hub (7port) have to be plugged in USB3 because of the data load from webcams (I plan to push it to max resolution). In fact in both USB3 is pluged one powered 7port USB hub when full setup is made. To power the hubs I am using original RPi 2,5A PSU with micro USB. And to power up the Pi I have also original 3A power source from RPi .

Can anyone simulate the same situation and let me know if the situation is same? I had one of this hubs on RPi3B+ (powered the same way) and newer experienced anything like this.

I use OctoPi version 1.3.11 from RPi4 thread.

I heard of this problem before. I'm not sure if it helps but I would try this

with the usb cable to the powered hub

Edit: just saw you use the octopi image. You could also try to update your raspbian. There are a few things they fixed since the release of the image.
You can do that with

sudo apt update && sudo apt -y upgrade

It's obvious that the Pi is getting back-powered through the powered USB hub. The suggestion would be (as described) to tape the USB 5V pin or to use a specialized USB serial cable that doesn't include that line.

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Yeah I was just woundering why it didn't happen with his 3+.
Maybe because of the different usb controller.
Maybe they changed that in newer firmwares on the pi 4.
I think it can't be wrong to update raspbian and test it :smiley:

Now is not an argument to reboot
The command is simply sudo reboot
Or, shutdown -r now

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just updated and situation is the same.

I am going to kill my hubs by knife - the USB cables are inclusive - is not possible to exchange them :slight_smile: cross fingers for me :slight_smile:

Done!! Thank you all for coopration :slight_smile: ITS ALIVE!! and rebootable :slight_smile: 8Amps of power and 5 octoprints with 5 webcams.