RPI4 USB camera behaviour

so i own a logitech brio 4k webcam that was connected to an rpi4 for a while now to monitor a prusa mk3s.
it was setup using octoprint with touchui and octolapse and it was working fine.

now i recently got a creality ender 5 plus and i started setting it up in the same way but i dint want to buy a new camera for now so i moved this one to the new printer.

the issue is that the camera is not recognized by the pi4 unless i unplug it and plug it back and even then it wont work on octoprint unless i plug it while it is booting up.

i also found out that if i plug it to the usb 2 ports instead of the usb 3 ( the ones with the blue port) it will be recognized without unplugging it but once octoprint boots up and i try to get the feed from the camera it loads for a long time and then just gives me a still image.

i really dont know what might be the issue.
i dont think that 1920x1080 at 10fps is too much for usb2.
has anyone else had this issue ? what can i try to solve it?

Try this

this is the best answer i ever got !
i thought it was gonna take days of troubleshooting to find the issue but hey this single 1 mm piece of tape solved it. i still had to move the camera to the usb 2 ports but now it actually has a refresh rate!
thanks man!

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