Running OctoPrint on Windows 10

I have too often have to restart (turn OFF/ON) my CR10s PRO when I wil use it with OctoPrint running on a machine with the printer connected by USB cable.

I notice when I starts the machine the printer sort of comes ON too but in a seimi-state with no heating posible.

I have to turn the printers ON/OFF switch to ON too - and then sometimes i doesn't do the right re-boot and no jingle is heard. Then I take the cable of the printer and tuens it OFF and ON again - and now the jingle is heard.

The when I start up the optiprint server the jingle is heard 2-3-4 times as though it reboots again.

When I have it all up, it runs very well and I can access the server locally on my network and see the picture from the camera - very nice.

But it IS a little tricky to start up - what the "correct" procedure ?

Octoprint is updated except for the last 1.4.XX, my Windows 10 is 1803

Maybe you should try this: Put tape on the 5V pin - Why and how


Of course :smiley: you can't power your heaters by your usb port.

After you tried to power your heaters by usb? I guess your printer just crashed or freezed.

Try this Put tape on the 5V pin - Why and how and turn your printer on before using it :wink:

I was aware that I couldn't start the heating - but why in the first place turn the printer "half-way" when starting Windows - I know that NOT a OctoPrint problem but ... seems udeless to me !

Why needs OctoPrint sort of re-boot the printer 3-4 times (when it's in the mood to work normally) - seems strange.

YOur link referes to an USB used on a Pi-driven printer - does the same solution go for a Windows driven printer - is it OK to just try ?

Yes. It's the same procedure :slight_smile: