Screen messing up

What is the problem?

When I plug in USB to ender 3 pro the screen goes wild.

What did you already try to solve it?

I have taped the 5v from usb and back dated firmware to a previous version octipi was stable with.

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, what kind of hardware precisely, ...)
Octopi current stable version
Marlin 2.0.7
Ender 3 pro v. 4.2.2 board

Hello @Alucard14224 !

You may try this:

Yes this is one thing I've already tried. It did nothing.

Bump.. still no resolving of this issue.

Already tried another firmware?

Yes.. I flashed previous firmware and tested same thing

Could be a hardware defect (crossed wires somewhere that shouldn't be crossed). Could be EMI:

Could be firmware.

Really not a software issue though from the looks of it.

It appears that the lcd grounding to the case cause the issue. I removed the lcd bracket from main frame and artifacts went away... printing isolating washers right now.. will let yall know if it works.


@Alucard14224 How did the spacer work out to solve the pixels appearing on the display.
I am having the same issue as well as random "chirping" noises as the screen switches to the next menu then times-out and goes back home then does it again. It doesn't affect anything on the print but it is just a nuisance for me.
I tried out your idea and printed a spacer and some washers for the 2 mounting bolts. Upon further testing it was still happening and I thought maybe the metal bolts were still causing a secondary ground. So I am presently printing a couple of M5-0.8x10mm bolts out of PLA and will use them along with your spacer so as not to conduct.
Did you use the original steel bolts? Did it solve the problem for you?

Sounds like the buzzer doesn't get enough power.
Try disconnecting and reconnecting the display cable from the display and the printer board a few times.
Hopefully this "cleans" the bad connection.

I would also add, it's configurable in Marlin that the buzzer makes a noise when you select something on the display. If it is randomly selecting something, that would make it make a noise.