Slow printing from raspberry pi 3b running Octoprint

Hi everybody,

Today I installed octoprint on my Raspberry PI 3b and hooked it up to my E5Plus. My first print job to be tested consisted of a number of simple 2mm high bushings w outer/inner diameters of 7/4mm.

According to cura the print job was estimated at 18 minutes. However using octoprint, the job took 35 minutes, not including warming up the bed and head etc. I tried subsequently to print the same gcode file directly from my SD card and immediately noticed that the printer was printing much faster and finished in around 20 minutes. So my questions are: Is this to be expected?

From what I've read, apparently the raspberry/octoprint has issues with handling curve motions, so I guess that could be an issue. I have also read, that a number of people list possible issues with SD cards as well as quality of the USB cable. I have not tried different SD cards (yet), but get "normal" printing speeds when using Cura to print directly from my PC - so the issue shouldn't be with the USB.

I am wondering if part of my issues stems from me using a raspberry pi version 3b rather than a version 4 but haven't been able to find anybody mentioning that this relates to my problems.

To test my setup further, I installed Repetier server on a separate SD card on my Raspberry pi 3b, connected to my E5plus and repeated the print. With this setup, I noticed a dramatic increase in printing speed Vs Octoprint and time the print finished in approx 19 minutes.

I should note, that I have been using a power supply w proper ratings for all my experiments

Right now I'm thinking that there is a simple setting in Octoprint that needs to be tweaked for this bottleneck to disappear, but I don't know where to look. I like the flexibility of Octoprint over Repetier and would like to stay with Octoprint, but this issue is just killing all arguments for Octoprint - what am I missing guys?

Thanks in advance


Hello @ThomasH !

I'm just curious why you have deleted the template that was there when you opened this thread.

You know, some informations have been requested there that make finding a solution way more easy. (Tiny hint: safe mode)

And also this:

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