TP-Link Smartplug plugin, Printer not turning on fast enough causing MINTEMP error

Hello everyone,

I recently setup the TP-Link Smartplug plugin from jneilliii and set it up to run GCODE commands for On and Off. I have the Ender 3 v2, and setup Octopi to run M80 GCODE script before the print job starts.

When I load and print a file, it seems the M80 code is sent immediately but the printer receives the print job BEFORE the plug can turn on the power supply fast enough and causes the printer to spit a MINTEMP error.

Is there a way to within the plugin or Octopi to delay sending the host action command for a print job to the printer so the smart plug has time to turn on and the power supply?

The only work around I have currently is on upload of a file, turn on the smart plug. But I don't want to have to manually start the print from octopi all the time, I like to upload from Cura and just start printing.

Any suggestions? I am a bit new to octoprint and 3d printing so if you need me to describe in more detail let me know!

The OctoPrint Connection plugin in Cura will detect my plugin installed and handle the powering on of the plug automatically for you. You just have to adjust the settings in the Cura plugin to use that function. This is how I use the TPLink plugin, send file from Cura...Cura plugin powers on printer, waits for it to be ready and then starts the print. I then use idle timer for powering off.

Awesome! Thanks jneilliii! Great plugin btw :slight_smile:

Update... so I tried doing the printer turns on from cura... but my Ender 3 v2 still wants to scream bloody murder about recieving the print job when the printer isn't fully powered up... Any way around this? Could i delay the print job being sent to the printer for a few seconds so the thing can turn on..?

With the OctoPrint Connection plugin in Cura that shouldn't happen I don't think (unless you have backpowering). @fieldOfView would have to verify but I'm pretty sure that it doesn't even upload until after the printer connects.

So the printer allows OctoPrint to connect to it, but then still needs time before it can do anything? Weird.

Connected not always means ready to run.
On most devices, after connecting do some things have to be setup.
A lot of 8-bit printer boards perform a reset after the connection is established.

Sure, but AFAIK OctoPrint will not report it is connected to the serial port until that reset is done.

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I must be missing something here.

I have my LulzBot TAZ 6 plugged intp a TP-Link smart plug and use the plugin to turn the printer on and off. When the printer is off, there's no way I can turn the printer on and start printing because there are probably manual things that need to be done like installing a spool of filament, threading that filament into the tool head (extruder), etc.

While I may turn the printer off after finishing a long print job, the normal shutdown procedure is to remove the filament and place it back into a moisture sealed container and other manual actions.

Why do you want to turn the printer on and immediately start printing?

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I leave the filament in the printer, turning it on again it is ready to print straight away.

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@b-morgan , @Charlie_Powell :
I run both of your scenarios.
I converted my T-Rex 3 for the use of 3mm filament in the second extruder. After a certain time it snaps off, so it it will need some attention to run again.

My MK2.5 + MMU is always loaded with filament. and it can start right away.

Both printers are two steps away from my PC. So there is not much effort to switch them on manually, clean the bed and watch the first layer coming out properly.

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of having the printer somewhere in the house and starting a print job with not knowing the condition of it.
This is a step into that direction, but if there is something wrong, you have to go there anyhow.

The Backpowering seems to be what is happening... I will have to sacrifice a MicroUSB cable and cut the 5v line to confirm...

You could use the tape method:

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