TronXY X5Sa Pro connects but skips gcode

I have a TronXY X5SA Pro and it doesn't work right if I print through OctoPrint.
(I also have a Prusa and use OctoPrint all the time, works great!)

If I slice a model and print it using the SDCard on the Printer, it works great.
If I send the exact same gcode file through OctoPrint to the USB port on the printer, it prints terrible.
It seems to skip lines of gcode. I'm sure of that because it missed some of the start gcode lines like G28 to home the system. I'll see G28 in the terminal, but the printer isn't seeing it.

So I'm thinking it is something with the communication setup.
OctoPrint Auto detects and connects on /dev/ttyUSB0 at 115200 baud. I believe that is the correct speed.

I'm running the latest version of OctoPrint on a new Pi 4w through Chrome.

When I connect, I see this in the terminal:
Changing monitoring state from "Operational" to "Offline"
Connecting to: /dev/ttyUSB0
Changing monitoring state from "Offline" to "Opening serial port"
Connected to: Serial<id=0xb1a3b110, open=True>(port='/dev/ttyUSB0', baudrate=115200, bytesize=8, parity='N', stopbits=1, timeout=10.0, xonxoff=False, rtscts=False, dsrdtr=False), starting monitor
Changing monitoring state from "Opening serial port" to "Connecting"
Send: N0 M110 N0125
Recv: ok N:0
Send: N0 M110 N0
Changing monitoring state from "Connecting" to "Operational"
Recv: ok N:0
Send: N0 M110 N0*125
Recv: ok N:0
Send: M115
Recv: ok CBD make it.Date:Nov 21 2019 Time:16:32:55
Send: M21
Recv: ok N:0
Send: M105
Recv: ok T:17 /0 B:17 /0 @:0 B@:0
Send: M105
Recv: ok T:17 /0 B:17 /0 @:0 B@:0

any idea what the problem is/what to adjust?

Not without logs; both octoprint.log and serial.log. Without those, there is little that we can do to help.

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Log filesserial.log (444 Bytes)
octoprint.log (356.1 KB)

Follow this please.

Click on the word serial.log. It tells you what to do to be able to share one...

Ok. I added the two plugins.
Issuing an M115 still generates Recv: ok CBD make it.Date:Nov 21 2019 Time:16:32:55
So this printer doesn't respond with Firmware settings.
What next?

Yeah, it won't change that, but it will work around a bunch of issues with this firmware (without you seeing that in the logs) that usually fixes any issues. Try printing, see if you still run into issues.

ok, I'll try it. Thx

Appears to be working correctly now, Thx for the assist!!!
(I've been wrestling with this printer for a month!!!)
Can that be added to the base code and maybe a checkbox in the Connection category?
Would save lots of frustration for everyone involved. :wink:

Nope. I won't add workarounds for every single broken firmware out there into the core that I then have to endlessly maintain. At some point it's the job of the printer vendor to ensure their damn thing works with common software, not my job to constantly work around whatever they fsck up next. Plugins are a good middle ground here, as they can also be supplied and maintained by the community, not just me.

But I'm looking into at least detecting it and recommending the installation of the plugin.

I get it. A different angle is that it impacting your users, it took me a while to isolate the issue.
I asked TronXY about it and they told me to use Repetier host, I was not happy with that response. Which also indicates they have no plans to update. I'm pretty unhappy with TronXY support, and YouTube reviews match. but ppl still buy it.
Maybe create a category or group with the printer names you know of so far with a basic FAQ for Communication issues with X printers. Make it an official plugin through PlugIn Manager, and tell ppl to add it.
The topic is currently: AnyCubic i3 Mega - non standard responses
So when I searched for TronXY, it didn't show up.
Just a suggestion.
Very much appreciate your help!

Just searching these forums for Tronxy would have gotten you the same answer though :wink:

And as I said, I'm looking at improving the situation by an extension of the printer safety plugin. I can't keep up with the rate at which this fscked up firmware is making its way through chinese factories, it ends up on a myriad of printer models/clones, so just going by printer model name won't help.


Nope. I searched TronXY and it came back with zero.
Now with this post it will, :wink:


First hit actually already contains the solution.

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If I were you I would build my own marlin so you got a fresh, up to date, unmodified firmware.

Here are some config examples for TronXY printers

I'm not sure what they changed for the X5Sa Pro but if the changes are just cosmetic then the X5S config should work.

I wrote a short guide for the Ender 3 and clones

You have to research some things on your own though. For example I don't know whether your printer got a bootloader or not.

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First hit, ok, but it isn't descriptive. I can connect, so I skipped it.

The X5SA Pro is all metal with a nice rail system, no printed parts, very sturdy. Belts could be better and I designed my own part to hold up the drag chain on the gantry.
There are a few design things I'd change, like placement of the spool and the length of the bowden tube, but until today, I haven't been able to print right so it's been a struggle to really know.

I've been toying with that idea as I've been going through this.
TronXY documentation is limited, they think being proprietary is an advantage, want their users to use TronXY slicer which is just an old version of Cura, etc.

Support is terrible and they don't provide much info.
I was thinking of trying to update it to a Prusa controlled frame somehow.
I'll check out your stuff. thx for the advice.

Again, I very much appreciate your support and responses. :slight_smile:

Thx. I'll check it out.
Now that it's finally working, I'd be concerned to mess with their stuff.
Their support and lack of documentation is terrible.
Not open source, don't believe in community.
It's too bad, because it could be a great system

For my own particular printer I just let the community know about what I found out ("not open source", etc) so that they can be more-informed buyers in the future. Karma will eventually catch up to some of these manufacturers.

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Hi Could you please document what it is you did to resolve this Having read this thread i cant really see what you did. Did you just install plugin(s) ?
Im having similar issues with a TRONXY D01 and would appreciate your help

Yes, I just installed the two plugins and that resolved the communication issue.

Instead of the two plugins, these days you should actually just install this one from the repository:

It merged the two plugins and also fixes a bunch of other stuff broken in the firmware.

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