Undervoltage driving me insane!

Had the under voltage sign blinking whenever i heat up the bed/hot end. Had the issue for a good 6 months, yesterday my octopi stopped heating up and octopi just freezes whenever i press print.
However some buttons remain functional on clicking they do nothing. The undervoltage sign remains blinking.

Tried 3 different cables including the official one, no fix.

Printer: Ender 5
Octopi V: 1.6.1
Pi 3b+

This suggests to me that the power supply to wherever you have your printer plugged in is under-powered. Is it plugged into an extension strip thing? Or straight into a regular plug socket?

Oh jheeze.. its an extension cable.. with an Alexa controlled plug and its in that.. Ill connect it to the wall tonight… any reason to why its worked for ages and now it suddenly freezes?

Can't say it will definitely be that, but sometimes electronics change, sometimes break themselves, you never know

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I assume the printer is powered well.
You also may try this:


it is powered well (or i hope it is) its going straight into the wall and recieving 230v

So, plugging into a wall helped, but since i cant find an acceptible place to put the printer, i put it back into the extention cable and it started working fine. However, im still gettin the blinking undervoltage (sometimes when the printer is sat idleing, before a print job)
This is when its plugged into a wall or not.
Also, the peripherals of the pi are very sensitive, a slight touch willl restart the pi or freeze the entire print job. This has been an issue since day 1 and im starting to lean towards it being a faulty pi. the temp is around 50 C and theres no static issues

I have both a Pi4 and a Pi1, and tried both with octoprint. I had the undervoltage problem when running octoprint on the Pi1 (and not on the Pi4). I solved this problem with Ewald_Ikemann's suggestion of taping the cable.

The problem was that plugging the printer (Ender 3 in my case) into the Pi caused the printer to draw current down the USB cable from the Pi (which explains the printer's display being on even when the printer is switched off). Taping the positive pin prevents that current draw, and the undervoltage problem went away for me.


Had the same problem and taping the +5 line did the trick... (so far) :slight_smile: