Webcam not accessible from OctoPi

I've just setup a new OctoPi Installation and it is running well so far.
Now I tried to integrate an existing Webcam (TP-Link NC250).
The Webcam provides HTTP access for Stream and Snapshot,
however it requires authentication.

The following links work perfectly in a browser on my PC:

They also work fine when using within a shell of the Raspi running OctoPi:
wget http://user:password@192.168.x.x:8080/stream/video/mjpeg
wget http://user:password@192.168.x.x:8080/stream/snapshot.jpg
So there is definitly no issue with accessing the Webcam from Raspberry.

The above links (like on PC) do not work in OctoPi and I have no clue why.
I assume OctoPi is not able to submit the included authentication.
However I don't know, because there is no information available, why the access is
not working.

Thanks in advance for any helpful hint.

Hi @claus1812,
try this way in the webcam setting of OctoPrint.


And what browser are you trying to use?

@Ewald_Ikemann: Does not work either
as your link misses the authentication for the webcam, but even including
the credentials this syntax does not work

@OutsourcedGuru: I'm using Chrome to access OctoPi, but the browser is not the problem. As I wrote I can access the webcam by browser without a problem.
Also the Raspi can access the webcam (proofed by wget calls for stream and snapshot). It's only OctoPi, who cannot access the webcam for whatever reason.
I have no clue.

With my installation I do not need the authentications. So I do not miss them.

Do you talk about OctoPi or OctoPrint?

Yes, thats nice for you, but as mentioned my webcam does not allow any access w/o authentication.

As mentioned more than once above I'm using OctoPi, otherwise I would not talk about my Raspberry, would I ?

The reason why I would ask is that IE, for example, can directly pull either a snapshot or a stream from the camera but it can't do it inline using an <img /> tag in the way that OctoPrint is implemented. But Chrome should be able to do so.

I suppose the next thing to check then is whether there is a security demotion going on: in other words, are you trying to access https://octopi.local (with an "s") and then is the webcam using http://user:password@192.168.x.x:8080/stream/video/mjpeg (without an "s")? Usually, the browser will then panic and see this as trying to include less-secure content and block it.

Assuming that you're not accessing your http://octopi.local without SSL, I suppose it would be good to visit the Settings -> Timelapse page and see what's been entered there. Or, you could visit your home page, open up the Developer's Console and look for any errors. Often, it might throw a 404 error if your browser can't pull a certain URL like this. In some cases, there's a Transport tab that would tell you a lot but it might be necessary to Reload while you're viewing it.

Sorry, I over read that first point.

I'm aware that you work with a RasPi, but:

Hi, the:
worked to me :slight_smile:

For anyone seeing that and trying to decyper what's going on:


So by including the colon and at symbols before the hostname-or-IPAddress, it's defaulting to use the anonymous user in Basic Authentication terms with no password.