I installed a broken plugin, how do I uninstall it again?

If you have installed a plugin which broke your installation so that the server doesn't come up anymore, you still can uninstall the offending plugin via the command line with pip:

pip uninstall <plugin>

Heads-up OctoPi users!!! For you it is ~/oprint/bin/pip uninstall <plugin>.

Note that <plugin> will usually be something like OctoPrint-<PluginName>, so for example if you wanted to uninstall the Autoselect plugin, you'd need to supply OctoPrint-Autoselect as the name to uninstall. If that doesn't work for you and you don't know the name, try pip freeze | grep OctoPrint (~/oprint/bin/pip on OctoPi!), it will show up in that list and you will hopefully be able to recognize it that way.


No, unfortunately, it's not working. it tells me that the plusgin is not installed... But I do see it in OctoPrint