Information to use OctoPrint on pre installed Klipper on 3D-Printers

This information on pre installed Klipper on 3D-Printers

To access Klipper from OctoPrint, Klipper has to provide the /tmp/printer virttual USB port. For this, OctoPrint must have access to this port. For this is a virtual and no physical USB port, OctoPrint must run on the same system as the Klipper installation. (Like classical OctoKlipper). The physical USB port of the printer is used by Klipper to communicate.

Over at the Klipper forum we made the experience that pre installed Klipper differ slightly up to massive from genuine Klipper (see Sonic Pad).

Due to special hardware, it is also difficult to install genuine Klipper on those systems.

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the common klipper install doc point this out ,,,,

The point is, as the title describes, that users, who have a printer with pre installed Klipper, want to connect them to OctoPrint.
This does not work out of the box - if even possible at all.

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The point is that when using Octoprint and Klipper, you should always familiarise yourself with the Klipper documentation; /tmp/printer is the least of it. If you install octoklipper straight away, you won't come across this issue at all.
At best, I would add a reference to the original documentation.
But that seems to be the biggest challenge to deal with original docs. It's exactly the same with octoprint. A lot of outdated instructions from the net are ploughed through and nothing works and nobody looks at the docs here in the group.
No offence, everyone may has their own opinions. :wink:

I run my self a OctoKlipper installation and made the printer.cfg all on myself. So I know what I am talking about.

Again, what I am takling about is not new installations, its about People who get themself a printer with Klipper already installed it. And then they try to connect it to OctoPrint.

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Yeah, people who need to read this are not installing Klipper. They're installing OctoPrint to try and connect with their Klipper-powered printer.