My Creality printer ignores its endstops when homing from OctoPrint

There have been some cases where Creality printers ignore their endstops if connected to OctoPrint and no working SD card is present in the printer (sd init fail).

If you encounter such an issue please see if putting a (FAT formatted) SD card into your printer's SD slot solves the issue. If there already is a card in there, test if removing it or swapping it with a known-to-be-good one helps.

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This issue was present on our 4 new Creality Ender-3 Pro's (version with new mainboard). Having no SD card present in the printer resulted in the ignored endstop, and the sd init fail message on the screen, while inserting an SD card fixed the issue. We are currently looking into if the firmware can be modified to ignore the SD card completely. Will return with results :slight_smile: