Print stuck in one line loop

Hi, tried looking for similar topics, but couldn't find. If it already exists - I would really appreciate a link to it.
Also not sure if the problem is with the printer itself, octoprint, or communication between them.

What is the problem? During print printer is stuck in one line loop oozing plastic.

If I check progress in Gcode viewer - it shows as it would print normally.

What did you already try to solve it?
I recently changed nozzle to micro swiss, so I tried to pid autotune again.

octoprint.log (14.5 KB)
serial.log (444 Bytes)

I have an Ender 3 with silent board, and
OctoPrint 1.3.12 running on OctoPi 0.17.0
By the way, this doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes print happens fine. Sometimes this issue happens at the beginning, sometimes at the end of the print. It can also happen on bot X and Y axis.

Just now saw, that the log is a bit long. So Issue happened both times I tried print rpi_back V2.
The first one rpi_back v1 printed normally

  • Check all connections from your control board to steppers, verifying that:
    • the ends seat firmly in theor connectors
    • there are no nicks in any of the wires (they didn't have a "play date" with fan blades, for example)
  • Your serial cable is firmly connected on both ends and you don't have any serial-related errors in your octoprint.log (which of course you do). Read your serial log; it has a message just for you in it.
  • Try again in Safe Mode and compare the results
  • If there are any ground straps, verify that they're firmly connected

Thanks, will try your suggestions. Regarding serial port - I saw an error, but thought it was caused when I manually shut down the printer. Can it be so?

Sorry, just saw serial log.

I did your suggested things (checked all the cables, run in the safe mode), unfortunately the issue still happening. Attaching the serial and octoprint files. What is strange, is that the issue seems to be happening at the same time with this gcode. Can it be the issue with the gcode? Unfortunately I've no idea what cura parameters might cause this.

octoprint (1).log (12.9 KB) serial (1).log (800.0 KB)

2020-03-14 21:11:18,341 - octoprint.plugins.pi_support - WARNING - This Raspberry Pi is reporting problems that might lead to bad performance or errors caused by overheating or insufficient power.
!!! UNDERVOLTAGE REPORTED !!! Make sure that the power supply and power cable are capable of supplying enough voltage and current to your Pi.

You need a 5V @ 2.5A power adapter (not a charger), it needs to connect firmly. Your Pi shouldn't sink power over to the controller board. Remove any unnecessary USB-based LEDs or similar.

Changed power adapter to 5v, 2.4A (couldn't find 2.5). Seems to have eradicated warning regarding undervoltage. However - the issue remains (though this time it happened in a different place (symetrical to previous one but different side)). Couple more observations from my tests:

  1. Tried printing same stl but sliced with different cura profile (widht of line, print speed, support - nothing serious basically) - still the issue persisted.
  2. Printed different stl sliced with the same cura profile (as previous stl) - issue hasn't repeated.

However - in both cura preview and gcode viewer in octoprint - it seems fine. Even while printing and this happens - octoprint gcode viewer shows that it prints normally (but printer just oozes filament in one line mushing it).

New logs:
octoprint (2).log (13.7 KB) serial (2).log (804.7 KB)

I am lost. Tried slicing same stl with same profile (the only thing I changed is first layer from concentric to lines) and it printed fine. What bothers me is that I've no idea why, as other prints print well with concentric. But the question is why?

2020-03-15 10:37:48,557 - Send: N6136 G1 X142.935 Y99.945 E246.25751*100
2020-03-15 10:37:48,583 - Send: N6137 G1 X143.316 Y99.608 E246.27443*107
2020-03-15 10:37:48,617 - Send: N6138 G1 X143.603 Y99.191 E246.29127*107
2020-03-15 10:37:48,703 - Send: N6139 G1 X143.783 Y98.716 E246.30816*104
2020-03-15 10:37:49,292 - Send: N6140 G1 X143.844 Y98.213 E246.32501*107
2020-03-15 10:37:49,390 - Send: N6141 G1 X143.783 Y97.709 E246.3419*85
2020-03-15 10:37:49,435 - Send: N6142 G1 X143.603 Y97.236 E246.35873*99
2020-03-15 10:37:49,459 - Send: N6143 G1 X143.316 Y96.817 E246.37562*100
2020-03-15 10:37:49,480 - Send: N6144 G1 X142.934 Y96.48 E246.39257*85
2020-03-15 10:37:49,498 - Send: N6145 G1 X142.486 Y96.245 E246.40939*98
2020-03-15 10:37:49,517 - Send: N6146 G1 X141.994 Y96.124 E246.42624*105
2020-03-15 10:37:49,535 - Send: N6147 G1 X141.486 Y96.124 E246.44314*102
2020-03-15 10:37:49,555 - Send: N6148 G1 X140.994 Y96.245 E246.45999*108
2020-03-15 10:37:49,574 - Send: N6149 G1 X140.546 Y96.48 E246.47682*86
2020-03-15 10:37:49,595 - Send: N6150 G1 X140.383 Y96.624 E246.48405*111
2020-03-15 10:37:49,714 - Send: N6156 G1 F1050 X140.088 Y97.806 E246.497*11
2020-03-15 10:37:49,732 - Send: N6157 G1 X140.039 Y98.213 E246.50996*106
2020-03-15 10:37:49,750 - Send: N6158 G1 X140.088 Y98.62 E246.52291*85
2020-03-15 10:37:49,767 - Send: N6159 G1 X140.234 Y99.004 E246.53589*111
2020-03-15 10:37:49,785 - Send: N6160 G1 X140.466 Y99.341 E246.54882*103
2020-03-15 10:37:49,802 - Send: N6161 G1 X140.774 Y99.613 E246.5618*93
2020-03-15 10:37:49,820 - Send: N6162 G1 X141.136 Y99.803 E246.57472*105
2020-03-15 10:37:49,842 - Send: N6163 G1 X141.535 Y99.902 E246.58771*96
2020-03-15 10:37:49,864 - Send: N6164 G1 X141.945 Y99.902 E246.60066*102
2020-03-15 10:37:49,883 - Send: N6165 G1 X142.344 Y99.803 E246.61365*110
2020-03-15 10:37:49,902 - Send: N6166 G1 X142.706 Y99.613 E246.62657*103
2020-03-15 10:37:49,919 - Send: N6167 G1 X143.014 Y99.341 E246.63955*109
2020-03-15 10:37:49,937 - Send: N6168 G1 X143.246 Y99.004 E246.65248*100
2020-03-15 10:37:49,955 - Send: N6169 G1 X143.392 Y98.62 E246.66546*86
2020-03-15 10:37:49,971 - Send: N6170 G1 X143.441 Y98.213 E246.67842*107
2020-03-15 10:37:49,990 - Send: N6171 G1 X143.392 Y97.806 E246.69137*103
2020-03-15 10:37:50,007 - Send: N6172 G1 X143.246 Y97.423 E246.70432*111
2020-03-15 10:37:50,023 - Send: N6173 G1 X143.014 Y97.084 E246.7173*82
2020-03-15 10:37:50,038 - Send: N6174 G1 X142.706 Y96.812 E246.73028*106
2020-03-15 10:37:50,056 - Send: N6175 G1 X142.343 Y96.622 E246.74323*108
2020-03-15 10:37:50,073 - Send: N6176 G1 X141.945 Y96.524 E246.75618*105
2020-03-15 10:37:50,090 - Send: N6177 G1 X141.535 Y96.524 E246.76913*100
2020-03-15 10:37:50,108 - Send: N6178 G1 X141.137 Y96.622 E246.78209*102
2020-03-15 10:37:50,125 - Send: N6179 G1 X140.774 Y96.812 E246.79503*102
2020-03-15 10:37:50,142 - Send: N6180 G1 X140.727 Y96.854 E246.79702*103
2020-03-15 10:37:50,243 - Send: N6186 G1 F1500 E244.99702*63
2020-03-15 10:37:50,295 - Send: N6189 G1 F1200 E246.79702*59
2020-03-15 10:37:50,311 - Send: N6190 G1 F1800 X127.24 Y157.987 E249.49066*6
2020-03-15 10:37:50,327 - Send: N6191 G1 X138.24 Y157.987 E249.85652*103
2020-03-15 10:37:50,346 - Send: N6192 G1 X138.24 Y77 E252.55016*78
2020-03-15 10:37:50,370 - Send: N6193 G1 X128.04 Y77 E252.88942*68
2020-03-15 10:37:50,482 - Send: N6198 G1 F1800 X127.64 Y157.587 E255.55645*1
2020-03-15 10:37:50,499 - Send: N6199 G1 X137.84 Y157.587 E255.8957*84
2020-03-15 10:37:50,516 - Send: N6200 G1 X137.84 Y77.4 E258.56273*81
2020-03-15 10:37:50,532 - Send: N6201 G1 X128.44 Y77.4 E258.87538*86
2020-03-15 10:37:50,624 - Send: N6206 G1 F1050 X128.04 Y157.187 E261.38378*2
2020-03-15 10:37:50,686 - Send: N6207 G1 X137.44 Y157.187 E261.68079*108
2020-03-15 10:37:51,090 - Send: N6208 G1 X137.44 Y77.8 E264.18919*91
2020-03-15 10:37:51,191 - Send: N6209 G1 X128.84 Y77.8 E264.46093*88
2020-03-15 10:37:57,513 - Send: N6214 G1 F1500 E262.66093*60
2020-03-15 10:37:57,613 - Send: N6217 G1 F1200 E264.46093*60
2020-03-15 10:38:00,317 - Send: N6218 G1 F1800 X108.239 Y157.987 E267.15456*52
2020-03-15 10:38:00,710 - Send: N6219 G1 X126.24 Y157.987 E267.75328*96
2020-03-15 10:38:03,445 - Send: N6220 G1 X126.24 Y77 E270.44692*65
2020-03-15 10:38:03,787 - Send: N6221 G1 X109.039 Y77 E271.01903*118
2020-03-15 10:38:08,432 - Send: N6226 G1 F1800 X108.639 Y157.587 E273.68606*57
2020-03-15 10:38:08,966 - Send: N6227 G1 X125.84 Y157.587 E274.25816*105
2020-03-15 10:38:13,513 - Send: N6228 G1 X125.84 Y77.4 E276.92519*87
2020-03-15 10:38:14,039 - Send: N6229 G1 X109.439 Y77.4 E277.47069*97
2020-03-15 10:38:14,236 - Send: N6234 G1 F1050 X109.039 Y157.187 E279.9791*6
2020-03-15 10:38:14,255 - Send: N6235 G1 X125.44 Y157.187 E280.49732*106
2020-03-15 10:38:14,569 - Send: N6236 G1 X125.44 Y77.8 E283.00572*84
2020-03-15 10:38:14,669 - Send: N6237 G1 X109.839 Y77.8 E283.49867*109
2020-03-15 10:38:21,461 - Send: N6242 G1 F1500 E281.69867*62
2020-03-15 10:38:21,558 - Send: N6245 G1 F1200 E283.49867*62
2020-03-15 10:38:24,269 - Send: N6246 G1 F1800 X96.24 Y157.987 E286.19231*51
2020-03-15 10:38:24,897 - Send: N6247 G1 X107.24 Y157.987 E286.55817*98
2020-03-15 10:38:27,628 - Send: N6248 G1 X107.24 Y77 E289.25181*72
2020-03-15 10:38:28,204 - Send: N6249 G1 X97.04 Y77 E289.59106*119
2020-03-15 10:38:32,855 - Send: N6254 G1 F1800 X96.64 Y157.587 E292.25809*51
2020-03-15 10:38:33,779 - Send: N6255 G1 X106.84 Y157.587 E292.59734*97
2020-03-15 10:38:38,328 - Send: N6256 G1 X106.84 Y77.4 E295.26437*80

If you're saying that the X isn't moving, as combined with these last lines... I'd say that the gcode looks like it's not the same X value over and over.

If it were me, I'd look for a loose set screw on one of the gears within the belt system for that axis.

Indeed. Strange. Checked where the belt mounts on both axis, seemed all good. The thing is, when this stuff happens, there's no sound in servos, as if printer wouldn't try to do anything. I'll probably try to flash and update firmware, and also octoprint

Well, that's interesting. No sound means there's nothing to slip so it's not the driving gear(s), for example. Check the connections to the stepper motors. Perhaps one of them is jiggling loose.

If this is one of those built printers, if it were me I would swap the X and Y little rectangular daughter boards on the controller board. If the problem now is in the Y axis then you've found the bad part.

I am not fully convinced this is physical issue. I mean, i checked wires again (and looked through again whether all wires are healthy). Today one print failed this way on y axis. But when I ran it again, it went fine. If I try to just control it through the menu - everything seems to be ok. The problem is - the issue is intermittent. Since the as you've shown - that octoprint sends x (or y in another case) not the same, I am leaning onto drivers. Strange though, that the issue didn't happen before I replace stock hotend with microswiss.

We had several cases where an axis just stopped working during printing.

I'm not sure if there was a bad batch of 1.1.5 silent boards or if it is a general problem but I would ask Creality for replacement.


Just wanted to thank you (apparently initially my search query was incorrect). I followed advice in the first topic you referenced (updated to 1.1.9 bugfix and changed serial bufsize). 7th print going and no issue. So seems to be solved and definately not an octoprint issue

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Had the exact same issue in cura prior to adding a pi to my setup and printing remotely, happened a second time after setting up my pi. I have ironing enabled and both times it occurred on the top surface of a printed part while ironing. It would just go back and forth and back and forth from one x y position to another x y position. The first time without the pi I paused it rehomed and then after resuming finished printing normally. The second time I couldn't fix it at all. Not going to dig into this too much and just update the firmware like you did and see what happens. Might be some weird ironing bug in cura that happens with the ender. Absolutely no electronic or mechanical issues I can discern that would have made it happen too.